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Dear School Community Members,


As you know the Local and Accountability Plan or LCAP is a critical part of California’s New Local Control Funding Formula  (LCFF). It is a three-year, district level plan that is updated annually. The plan describes the school district’s key goals for students as well as the specific actions (with expenditures) the district will take to achieve the goals and the means (metrics) used to measure progress.


This email is an invitation for you to provide your feedback to help us in updating the 2018-2019 LCAP.


The LCAP addresses the needs of all students, including specific student groups, and all districts must specifically address English learners, foster youth, students with disabilities and low-income students. In addition, the LCAP must address the state of California's eight priority areas that include student academic achievement, school climate, student access to a broad curriculum, and parent engagement. School districts may identify their own local priorities and San Diego Unified includes its 12 quality school indicators that are part of Vision 2020. The district spending plan aligns to these academic priorities.

2018-19 LCAP:

·         2nd year of a 3 year plan

·         Very few changes from 2017-18

·         All 6 Goals remain the same (Closing the Achievement Gap, Broad and Challenging Curriculum, Quality Leadership and Teaching, Positive School Environments, Family and Community Engagement, and Communication/District Operations).

·         All services will continue to be offered in 2018-19.

·         Some department names have changed, but services remain the same.


2018-19 Example of Changes:

“Family and Community Engagement (FACE)” has been changed to “Family Engagement” under the Office of Leadership and Learning. “Youth and Family Advocacy” has been changed to “Youth Advocacy” under the Office of School Innovation and Integrated Youth Services.

·         “ELD Standard Proficiency Scales” has been changed to “ELD Bundles”

·         Priority Standards” has been changed to “Critical Concepts”

·         I-MTSS is emphasized throughout.


Stakeholder Survey Feedback:

High Priority

·         Preserve arts, music, libraries, police and custodial services.

·         Avoid budget reductions at the school site.

Lower Priority

·         Preserving current centrally provided professional training

·         Funding of central office resource positions

·         Funding for non-mandated transportation services

·         Centrally provided parent and community engagement services.

LCAP Timeline:

6/7/18             9:00-4:00 p.m.           LCAP Board Workshop

6/19/18           5:00-9:00 p.m.           School Board Meeting-LCAP First Reading

6/26/18           5:00-9:00 p.m.           School Board Meeting Adoption



Again, please follow the link of the Drafty Draft for you to review the current plan goals and metrics.


2018-19 DRAFTY-DRAFT - https://www.sandiegounified.org/sites/default/files_link/district/files/dept/lcap/2018-19%20LCAP%20Drafty-Draft%20for%20Public.pdf

SURVEY - https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LCAP-2018