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Construction Update (4-06-2016)


UCHS Construction Progress (04-06-2016)

Many have asked about when the construction areas will be completed at UCHS.  To keep everyone updated, I will share periodically what I know about the progress being made. 

Next week, without any rain delays, they are to put down the gravel base for the parking lot road by the tennis court leading to the stadium.  This same work includes the gravel base for the road leading up to the upper fields on the backside of campus. Once the gravel base is set, they will then set a date for the blacktop paving for these two areas. With rain delays in mind, we hope to be able to have vehicle access to these areas by the first week in May.

The student walkway from the traffic light has a much longer time line for completion.  This week they have been working on the settings for the sidewalk.  They are also working on the special rain gully to prevent hillside erosion. Once they have the gully and sidewalk and curbed poured, they can then decide the dimensions for the walkway hand bars. The hand bars can’t be made in advance as they have to make sure they have the correct specified spacing. Getting these bars made and sent back so they can be fitted can take several weeks.  So when will the walkway be completed?  My guess is about the time school gets out, and I am not trying to be funny. 

The good news is that the upper fields are usable and no sporting games have had to be moved or cancelled this year. I think everyone is appreciating the work that is being done, we just all wish it could happen faster.