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Class of 2021 School Update (07-23-2020)

Class of 2021 School Update (07-23-2020)

Good morning Class of 2021. 


I wanted to get this out to our seniors as I know some have already have gone in and some had planned to go in to get their senior photos taken.  Up to this point I have not communicated anything about these pictures in that we were waiting to get official word from the district for the contract being approved.  This happened a week or two ago. What I did not know is Keane Studios sent word out in early June letting our families know they were setting up senior photos for the yearbook and for personal pictures. This is turn caused some of our families to sign up and go in and get their photos taken.  I know the studios made sure to follow all of the appropriate health guidelines while families came in to take their pictures.


Starting Monday, July 27, I have requested we postpone any more pictures being taken until we see the COVID case numbers begin to drop in San Diego County.  While I know at some point we need to get the pictures taken to meet the deadlines tied to having them completed for the yearbook, at this point I think we should pump the brakes and monitor the case numbers more closely.  The health and well-being of our students and families has to be our biggest priority.  We have time to get the photos done.  I will send a notice out as to when we can start back up and send information as to the process to follow. 


Trust me, I’m as anxious as anyone to get the C-21 year off and going.  But I also want us to do it in a thoughtful way always monitoring what makes sense and determining what can wait for a later date. 


What can C-21s do now to help?  Our families can make sure they have gone to our school website and register for school.  This means filling out and uploading the necessary documents needed for school.    


Thanks C-21 for understanding this need.  Regards, Coach O.