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Class of 2019 School Update (05-20-2019)


Class of 2019 School Update  (05-20-2019)

Good Evening!  Principal Olivero here with a Class of 2019 update (for seniors and their parents). 

Two items to make our senior students and parents aware:

1. The state has changed its rule regarding what students can and cannot wear with the graduation gown. A graduating student may wear traditional tribal regalia or recognized objects of religious or cultural significance as an adornment. Adornment means: something attached to, or worn with, but not replacing, the cap and gown customarily worn at school graduation ceremonies.

Cultural means: recognized practices and traditions of a certain group of people. The school will also allow students to wear a stole earned by the student during their high school experience.  Students, however, are NOT to tape, doctor up, color, or change the cap in any manner.   

Any student wanting to wear a tribal regalia or recognized object of religious or cultural

Significance, or earned stole, needs to see Mr. Olivero to explain to him what is to be worn at graduation. A student needs to get approval from Mr. Olivero by seeing him before Friday, June 7th.

2. Attendance at School Counts!  I send out this reminder as I am hearing the seniors are planning to have a senior “ditch” day on Thursday, May 23rd.  Please know seniors are scheduled to take their required Life Science test on this day.  As parents, please know that our students watch our actions. Please do not call them out of school or call the school to report they are sick unless they are truly ill for the day. In addition to making sure students are getting an education, the school district and school can lose up to $15,000 should the seniors all ditch.  These are funds the school can’t easily replace by holding more fundraising efforts.   

We appreciate everyone understanding in advance regarding the need to have students at school for testing and to make sure they are not taking a day off.  After all there is a four day vacation already planned for this weekend with prom scheduled for Friday night. 

Finish strong Class of 2019!  Mr. O.