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Attendance Counts 11-09-2017


Attendance at School Counts (11-09-2017)


Good evening, I need to share one positive note and one area we need to address as a school community. 


First the positive: we want to thank all veterans and their families for their commitment and sacrifice to our great country.  Thank you for your service and for helping to keep America safe.  We appreciate all that you’ve done and are doing!


Now the area we need to address: while this message is mostly for seniors and their parents, it really is a longstanding issue that creeps up every year. Not too many years ago, seniors in high school across American participated in what some have called, “Senior Ditch Day.”  And while many still believe that this is an honor earned or rite of passage, the economics and lack of funds in schools makes this day something that has to stop.


Here’s the reality, each day a student is absent from school, regardless the reason, the school loses $47 dollars a day for every missing student. This Thursday, November 9th, we had 75 seniors absent, 21 juniors, 20 sophomores, and 19 freshmen.  The normal number of missing students from UCHS in a given day is about 54 students (3%).  Today, we had 135 students not in school.  This resulted in a loss of $6,345 dollars to the school. 


In addition to the learning missed, the State of California uses daily attendance rates at a school as one of their indicators for the success of a school.  UCHS has a strong reputation within the State of California and having so many students decide not to attend school hurts the how our school is judged. 


Last, we greatly appreciate all the efforts being made by students, staff, and parents to fundraise for so many of our school programs on campus.  This happens because we simply do not have what we need at the school to provide the strongest possible programs for our students.  By missing school and missing out on the dollars as a result, it puts us in a position of taking two steps forward, and then taking one step back.


I love our students, especially our seniors.  However, we all need to be in school. The UCHS community works too hard to skip the resources we need for our future Centurions.                 


Have a great 3 days off and get out to our CIF playoff events (field hockey and volleyball) this weekend.  Also to our band and color guard that will be up in Riverside Saturday.



-Mr. O.