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Advanced Placement (AP) Exams 2020

UCHS 2019-2020 AP® Exam Registration

New for 2019-2020:

•    All students enrolled in AP® Courses at UCHS School in 2019-2020 will have the opportunity to link to a teacher and subject specific AP® support system on the College Board MyAP site at http://myap.collegeboard.org
•    These free instructional resources provided by College Board include tutorials, practice questions and more!
•    To join the AP® Class on MyAP students will:

  1. Log into or create a College Board Profile by visiting MyAP at http://myap.collegeboard.org
  2. JOIN the AP® Class by using the subject and period specific JOIN CODE that will be issued by your AP® course teacher.
  3. Using the teacher Join Code does NOT order an exam, only provides access to resources.


How to register for 2019-2020 AP® Exams:
Students enrolled in AP® Courses and who want to take the optional AP® Exams administered in May 2020, will complete these additional steps:

· Step 1-Exam Activation: Log into your College Board Account via MyAP at

http://myap.collegeboard.org to join the AP® Class (see above) & make sure your Exam Decision Indicator is set to YES and showing an active exam by November 8, 2019

Once a student has completed Joining the MyAP AP® Class, they will be prompted to complete the MyAP Registration screens with personal information. All students should provide their full legal name (to match school records), a student email address to which they have frequent access AND enter their UCHS Student ID Number.

· Step 2-Payment: Submit payment for the exams that you are choosing to take in May 2020 by visiting http:1/aptsusa.com/uchs and submitting an AP® Payment form by November 8.
* BOTH steps above must be completed for an exam order to be completely processed and activated. Steps can be completed in either order.
* Students who do not submit exam fees by November 8, 2019 will have their exam status on MyAP Changed to Not Testing.
* Late Registration is not possible.

Frequently Asked Questions:

•    What if I can't log into my College Board account?
Don't create a new one! Each student should have only ONE College Board account which houses AP®, PSAT® and SAT® scores and information. For log in help visit: https://pages.collegeboard.org/account-help or l1ttps://myap.collegeboard.org
•    What if I want to add an exam for which I am NOT taking the corresponding AP® Course?
Contact your school exam coordinator to request permission to take the exam and be provided with a special Join Code. Exam fees must be submitted and t11e exam activated before November 8 to ensure that no penalty fees are applied.
•    What if you want to add an exam AFTER the November 8 deadline?
No late registration is possible. There will be no waiting list. Timely ordering is be crucial.
•    I have a Join Code I received from my teacher. Will that activate the exam?
No - the Join Code that you received from your teacher is to connect you to the course subject so you can access resources and tools in the MyAP System. ALL Students should apply the course specific Join Code to their MyAP Accounts to enable access to those resources for the course and for instruction. ONLY students who also submit exam fees will have the exam order placed by their coordinator. BOTH payment and exam activation on MyAP are needed for a successful order to be placed.
•    What is the fee?
It's $94.
•    Is there financial aid available?
Students eligible for fee reductions based on the College Board criteria will be able to receive a fee reduction code to apply to their online payment form. Please see your school testing coordinator to apply BEFORE November 8, 2019.
What if you have other questions?
•    Detailed information and registration regulations as well as more FAQs are posted on http:1/aptsusa.com/uchs Be sure to review them!

2019-2020 Important Deadlines:
Exam Payment Deadline
November 8

Exam Activation Deadline
November 8

For more information and details as well as assistance and support visit http://aptsusa.com/uchs