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Success School

The next Success Saturday School will be on April 8, 2017  8am to 12 noon

Students who chose to attend Success School are required to bring academic materials for quiet study and should expect to remain on task for the majority of the time.  Electronics, including phones, will NOT be allowed.
A breakfast meal is available for students attending Saturday School. If your child is approved to receive Free or Reduced Price Meals, or if the entire school receives Free meals, the breakfast is available at no charge.  If your child pays for meals, please make sure they have money in their cafeteria account to cover the cost of the breakfast of $1.00.  The breakfast meal consists of Cereal, Graham Crackers, Applesauce, Raisins, and Milk. 

Students attending Success School must arrive to the Media Center for admission at 7:55 AMLate arrivals will not be admittedRelease time is at 12:00 noon.

In addition to on site Tutoring, UC will be having a field trip to the Chula Vista Living Coast Discovery Center 8:30-12:30:  Students will dissect fish to learn about their internal systems and discover what may have caused their mysterious death.  They will learn about the importance of protecting whole ecosystems, study causes of populations die offs, and why science is really important for meeting human needs. A signed permission slip is required to attend.

Standards:   CCSS:  ELA-SL-1a,1c,1d,2,L-6 snd NGSS:  HS-LS1-2, HS-LS1-3, LS1A, LS1B,LS1C

For questions about Saturday School, contact Ms. Gail Hall ghall@sandi.net or 858-450-3040 ex 147

Remaining Dates for Success School:

April 8:  FIELD TRIP to Living Coast Discovery Center in Chula Vista.  8:30 to 12:30  Permission slip REQUIRED
April 22:  FIELD TRIP to Cabrillo National Monumeny in Point Loma  8:30 to 12:30  Permission Slip REQUIRED
                Spanish Language Lab/ Salsa Making  with Ms. Lynn
May 6:    Art Expressions with Dr. A
May 13:  CHILI Cook off
               TENATIVE FIELD TRIP:  Beach cleanup in Ocean Beach AND New Americans Museum in Liberty Station 
May 20: UCHS Olympics
June 3:  Last Day Celebration.  Talent show.  Cake Bake Decorating with Hoelck

Reminder:  Students with more than three hours of "UNEXCUSED" absences will not be allowed to attend ASB dances, Prom and Graduation Ceremonies!  Prom is May 26, 2017 and Graduation is June 14, 2017

Hours unexcused will remain with the students records next year!!!

Make-It-Right and clear your attendance!