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                                                                                                                                      aka CASSAS Core Academy: Supporting Student Achievement Success

 In order to guarantee a seat in  CASSAS, students will be required to sign up. 

2018-2019 Success School (CASSAS) Dates:    May 18   June 1


Fieldtrip This Month:  Permision slip is required to attend.  First come first seat reserved.  Limited number of seats availabe so turn in your slip ASAP.

June 1: Ocean Beach clean-up/Museum of Americas    Download permission slip HERE: English    Spanish


 SIGN UP for Saturday School HERE

You may also complete the bottom portion of the permission slip and return to Gail Hall in room 427 or the Attendance office.

Dear Parent/Guardian and UC Student,

 In an effort to help prepare students obtain the skills and knowledge necessary to meet the ongoing demands of the 21st Century, University City High School staff will conduct Core Academy:  Supporting Student Achievement Success (CASSAS), a Saturday session for students to receive additional support in their core classes (Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, Science) but not limited to sewing class, physical education, arts, music, theatre, online learning, robotics, technology, etc. to help support specific student needs.  Additionally CASSAS is an opportunity for students to clear attendance hours.

We are pleased to invite your child to participate in our upcoming CASSAS Saturday session.  Please see date, place and time below.  This session is being taught/led by University City Staff.  It will be held:

                  WHEN             Saturday,    /   /2018
                        WHERE:         University City HS Media Center
                        TIME:              8am to 12 noon

Students attending Success School must arrive to the Media Center for admission at 7:55 AMLate arrivals will not be admitted.   STUDENTS MUST SIGN UP BY FRIDAY AND BRING STUDENT ID CARDS.  Release time is at 12:00 noon.

“A breakfast meal is available for students attending CASSAS.   If your child is approved to receive Free or Reduced Price Meals, the breakfast is available at no cost. If your child pays for meals, please make sure they have money in their cafeteria account to cover the cost of the breakfast of $1.00.”

 Computers will be available for school work however no phones or other electronic devices will be allowed.  Parents, Guardians and students must be aware that this is an opportunity for students to recover absences.  If the student is unable to follow the expected behavior, they may be excused from Success School and asked to leave by CASSAS staff. 

 Information about CASSAS Success School and the UCHS attendance policy can be found on the school website.  Visit https://www.sandiegounified.org/schools/university-city  click on the Student Life tab and Success School in the drop down menu.  For your child to participate in CASSAS, please register online before 3pm the Friday before the date through the UC website. Additionally, complete the portion below and return it to Gail Hall or the attendance office or email to ghall@sandi.net

 In order for students to participate in ASB dances and the graduation ceremony, all un-cleared absences and tardies must be cleared.  CASSAS is an opportunity to clear one school day or six hours.  We know that with your support we can empower our students to graduate with the skills, motivation, curiosity and resilience to succeed in their choice of college and career in order to lead and participate in the society of tomorrow.  We thank you for your commitment to excellence and we look forward to working with your child during CASSAS.


Gail Hall,  ghall@sandi.net 858-457-3040 ex 147.

Dean of Attendance and Accountability.  Attendance office ex 280


Yes, I like for my child to participate in CASSA on     /    /___

                      Student Name:        _______________________________________________________________________      


                      Parent Signature:     _______________________________________________________________________


                     Emergency Contact Name:  ___________________________  Phone Number/Cell:_____________________



Attendance hours must be cleared in order to attend the following ASB dances:

UC Prom on May 24  2019

Graduation Ceremonies on June 11, 2019