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9th Grade Summer Update (08-18-2019)


UCHS Summer Update (08-18-2019)


Good evening Centurions! This is it for our incoming 9th graders as it’s time to turn in your registration papers if you have not already done so. Registration for incoming 9th graders will be tomorrow, August 19th, between the hours of 8am though 11am. To help reduce long lines, please note that we will serve last names A-F at 8am, G-M at 9am, and N-Z at 10am. The first station will be in the quad at the doorway of the media center. 


Also to note, if you are a new incoming 9th grade student who did not attend Standley Middle School last year, and you took Spanish 1-2 and 3-4 last year, we strongly encourage you to take our Spanish language placement assessment while at school on Monday.  Very often we get students from other middle schools and they did not have as rigorous and demanding curriculum and while students seem to ready for the next level, they really are not. Our placement screening can really help filter students to make sure they are properly placed.  In some instances, students should be moved up and in some cases moved down. All should know that once school starts, the ability to move students to other classes is almost impossible. The test takes about 35 minutes. 


Also for new incoming 9th grade students who did not attend Standley Middle School last year, we think it’s a good idea for your student to take the our math placement assessment.  Again, we want to make sure students are properly placed based on their math skills and understanding. This assessment will also be given Monday from 8am to 11am.  The test takes 40 minutes.         


The registration for 9th graders time slots will include getting your student’s picture taken for the yearbook and student ID.  Please know depending on the assessments and lines, the process could take a couple of hours. 


And last, we want to encourage, almost demand, that all new students and parents plan to be at UCHS Thursday night, August 22nd, at 6pm, to kick-off the new school year at our New Student Orientation Night Event.  It will be from 6pm to roughly 8:15 pm. Students and their parents will get to visit tables we will have set up for on campus clubs, hear one of the top rated bands in California, eat hot dogs, hear from our ASB students for campus do’s and don’ts, and from staff who will go over what to expect the first few weeks of school.  It is always one of our most popular evenings with our students and parents.  So please plan to attend this coming Thursday night. 


We will see you all Monday and hopefully Thursday night.  Mr. O.