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 School Safety Patrol Program


The school Safety Patrol was started in 1935 by the San Diego Police Department and began at just one school. Its purpose was to help elementary school children cross streets safely on their way to and from school and to reduce the number of pedestrian and bicycle collisions involving elementary-age students.


The School Safety Patrol is in nearly 90 schools throughout the city. There are nearly 2,000 fifth and sixth grade students serving as Patrol members. It is their job to cross children and adults safely at their school locations. They are selected, trained, and supervised on an ongoing basis by Juvenile Services Team Officers from eight area stations of the San Diego Police Department. Their jobs include:


  • Control pedestrian traffic
  • Control vehicle traffic
  • Watch and report traffic violations




School Safety Patrol members are rewarded for their work monthly, either through promotions or weekend activities. These can include:


  • Free holiday carnival
  • Outings to sporting events
  • Movies


To Join the Patrol


Recruitment will begin in the late spring for 4th grade students going into 5th grade for the following school year squad.

For more information on the School Safety Patrol, go to the San Diego Police Department's website