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Parent Volunteers


Parent Volunteers

Tierrasanta Elementary is an outstanding school, partially because parents are both willing and able to volunteer their time and talents to our children.  Through your support, you enrich your child's educational opportunities.  Following is a partial list of opportunities to become involved.  If any of these appeal to your particular talents or interests, please let us know!

A Volunteer Application must be completed annually and TB test results updated every 4 years.  Please click here for the Volunteer Application:  /schools/sites/default/files_link/schools/files//schools/tierrasanta/Volunteer Application English with Code of Conduct 2014-2015.pdf


*      Classroom Volunteer

*      Organizing Volunteers

*      Computer/Technical Assistance

*      Parent Programs

*      Coordinating Projects

*      Cultural Arts

*      Publicity

*      Editing, News, Flyers, etc.

*      Safety Issues

*      Environmental Concerns

*      Sales/Promotions

*      Integration/Translation

*      Stuffing Envelopes, Stapling, etc.

*      Library Volunteer

*      Tutoring

*      Word Processing, Typing


Any volunteer support that you can give benefits all of our children tremendously.  Find out how fulfilling and important it is to volunteer!