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The yearbook class is composed of three major components; the yearbook, a Taft Memories DVD, and Life Skills lessons.

The Yearbook
This portion of the class will have students working academically with a nationally recognized company, Jostens, to produce a yearbook. The creation of the book will be done online with a website created by the Jostens Corporation.  Students will gain knowledge and experience in descriptive writing, photography, desktop publishing, copyright law, sales techniques, graphic design, image editing, planning and organization.

Taft Memories DVD
Yearbook students will take video of various school events all year.  The students will edit that video to create a dvd showing clips of events with public domain music playing in the background.  The dvd will also contain a slide show of pictures from the school year. Students will learn and practice video and audio production and editing skills, and copyright law.

Life Skills
As the yearbook and video curriculum does not fill an entire school year, students will experience various life skill lessons in health, nutrition, career choices, planning for college, etiquette, and organization.