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Volunteering at Sunset View

At Sunset View we are blessed with volunteers who help make our school great.  The valuable time you contribute throughout the year is greatly appreciated by our teachers, students and staff at Sunset View Elementary.

If looking for how you can become an intergral support to our students please contact Denyse Johnson at djohnson5@sandi.net about noon duty & PE volunteering; for PE volunteering you can also contact Coach Brucker in the lower field during morning running club.  Please contact Varsana Tikovsky at vtikovsky@sandi.net to check your volunteer paperwork status.  We also welcome you to call the school office at (619) 223-7156 from 8:00am - 4:30pm. 

KidsFirst at Sunset View is a non-profit parent group which organizes our parent volunteers in addition to fundraising.  Please sign-up with Konstella for volunteer opportunities! Be sure your paperwork is cleared with the SVE office prior to beginning onsite volunteering during school hours. 


Volunteering at School this Year?

Whether you plan on helping in the class, going on a field trip, or taking part in one of our other programs at school, you will need to fill out a VOLUNTEER form and Code of Conduct. Please review the Volunteer information from the District: 

Our volunteer program follows District Administrative Procedure No. 4595. For a little light reading, Volunteer Screening Requirements includes information about this procedure. Most parents are Category B (field trips, class involvement).  

The following items need to be completed and turned in to our office in order to get the volunteer process started.