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Volunteer Information

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Sunset View Elementary!

Currently, more than 29,000 volunteers work in a variety of capacities in the San Diego Unified School District. These volunteers include parents, guardians, grandparents, business/community partners, community members, the military, K-12 and college students, senior citizens, and others within the San Diego community.

SDUSD Administrative Procedure 4595 outlines procedures for school volunteer programs. In order to provide students with a safe environment and allow for a variety of opportunities for volunteering, volunteer participation is classified into four categories. Depending on the category, certain screening processes must be completed by district staff prior to volunteering.

The following items need to be completed and turned in to our office in order to get the volunteer process started.

1.    School Volunteer Application (Must renew every school year.)

2.    Tuberculosis (TB) skin test results (Valid up to 4 years from date given.)

3.    Copy of Driver’s License

4.    Copy of most current Insurance Policy (If you will be driving.)

*Please remember to include a valid form of identification (examples include military ID, passports, state issued license or ID card, resident alien card, temporary resident ID card, or certificate of citizenship or naturalization). Applications will be rejected if this information is not included.

The valuable time that is contributed throughout the year is greatly appreciated by our students and staff at Sunset View Elementary. If you have any questions, feel free to contact LaShawn White, Volunteer Coordinator, at 619-223-7156 ext. 103 or via e-mail at lwhite4@sandi.net.