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Principal's Message

What an honor it is to serve as the principal of Sunset View Elementary School.  It is an amazing community where teachers and parents work together to create a learning environment to benefit all.  We believe in developing wonder and awe in the classroom to stimulate learning and as a team provide enriching experiences for all of the students at Sunset View. 


Sunset View is very fortunate to have such a collaborative community with actively involved parents who consistently seek to provide more for the education of all children in the community.  Our kidsFirst foundation provides classroom volunteers and unique programs for the students at Sunset View.  Whether it is community-building events like the annual Halloween Carnival, Family Bingo Night, or the Dinner Dance Auction or funding enrichment programs to provide opportunities for students to learn new things and time for teachers to collaborate, our parents make a difference!


Sunset View is a newly certified STEAM school within the San Diego Unified School District.  Our TK, K, and 1st grade students have started the learning and we will add a new grade level each year to fill out the program. This gives our students the needed foundational skills for the future while connecting the sciences and arts together in a meaningful, integrated way.  We are proud of the learning that takes place and the problem-solving skills our students are learning to may bring solutions to the complexities of tomorrow.


Our school vision encapsulates what it means to be a part of the Sunset View community!


We are a collaborative community where everyone is a teacher, and everyone is an inspired learner.  We are dedicated to sustaining academic rigor, social responsibility, physical health and life-long learning, while being mindful of our traditions and passionately committed to exploring new horizons of educational excellence.



Come check out our “whale of a school” with a view of the ocean!


Melanie Baier

Principal, Sunset View Elementary