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Principal's Message


Sunset View Elementary is a wonderful school with an amazing staff and incredible families.  We are lucky to have about 430 students attend our TK-4 school. With this enrollment, we have three or four teachers at each grade level.  This gives our teachers the luxury to collaborate and work together. It is a common occurrence to see a grade level team huddled together, planning out lessons and consulting each other on the best ways to support students.  All our teachers eagerly participate in professional development ensuring instruction is current and relevant to our ever-changing world. Also, every classroom is equipped with technology including personal devices for all students to use in the classrooms.  The learning environment our teachers provide is warm, loving, and structured to foster the growth of our students physically, socially, and academically.

We also consider ourselves very fortunate to have highly involved parents who constantly seek an active role in their children's education.  With our amazing volunteers and the impressive kidsfirst Foundation, Sunset View Elementary prides itself in all the wonderful programs we offer our students.  Between supporting the arts, integrating technology, and furnishing a STEM lab, our students have the opportunity to flourish in all sorts of ways. Our families are committed to ensuring a well-rounded educational experience for every child on campus.  Being an active participant in our children's education is a wonderful gift all children deserve.


Our Vision

We are a collaborative community where everyone is a teacher and everyone is an inspired learner.  We are dedicated to sustaining academic rigor, social responsibility, physical health and life-long learning, while being mindful of our traditions and passionately committed to exploring new horizons of educational excellence.

All of us at Sunset View are looking forward to an exciting and successful school year!



Jamey Jaramillo

Principal, Sunset View Elementary