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Pre-Registration & New Student Online Enrollment

Sunset View Elementary Pre-Registration Information


Forms (color applies only if obtained packet at school):

  1. This checklist

  2. Enrollment Form - see below (pink)

You can now complete this form online at this link: Neighborhood School Student Enrollment

·         PreK-Grade 12 Enrollment Forms

 English  | Spanish  | Tagalog | Vietnamese

·         PreK-Grade 12 Enrollment Form Instructions

 English  | Spanish  | Tagalog | Vietnamese

 3. Record of Prior School Programs (purple)

4. Authorization to Include Immunization Records in District Database (yellow)
 5. Medical Examination & Oral Health Assessment form or print from doctor (blue & (green) - Only if new To District

6. Home Language Survey (carbon copy, must obtain from school office) - Only if new To District  
This survey is to identify needs for english language learners.  See the survey for additional information.

 Other required documents:

  • Original birth certificate or passport - New To District

  • Proof of required immunizations (yellow accordian card or print from doctor). Immunization requirements

  • Proof of Residency. The following are acceptable (per District Administrative Circular #12):

    • a recent utility bill (SDG&E, water, landline or cell phone),

    • a rental agreement,

    • property tax payment receipts, mortgage documents,

    • documents addressed to you from Social Services,

    • and military housing orders.

DMV documents and bank statements are not accepted.