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Students visit the library once per week. All students check out one book per week. The kindergarteners will leave their books at school. All other grades will be able to bring their books home.

The students must bring back their book before they can check out another. If the book is not returned, the student and/or parent is responsible for paying full price in order to replace the lost item.  The following link brings you to the library’s online catalog as well as other online resources. 


Sunset View Library



Birthday Book Club

Sunset View Library’s Birthday Book Club offers a special way to recognize a student’s birthday and at the same time benefit our school library. Students who contribute to the Birthday Book Club are invited to select a library book of their choice from a wide variety of new books. A commemorative Sunset View Birthday Book Club bookplate displaying the child’s name and birthday will be affixed to the book once it is selected by the child. When the book has been added to the library’s permanent collection, the student will be the first to check it out. The student’s name will also be added to the Birthday Book Club display in the library. 

For more information, contact the school office or visit www.kidsfirstatsunsentview.org