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New Student Enrollment

Before begining the enrollment forms, please confirm we are your neighborhood school by entering your home address in SchoolFinder. If we are your neighborhood school, !Congratulations! Your child is quaranteed enrollment. If not and you are not new to the district, you can submit a School Choice application. New to district families may apply for Choice in person at the school site or at the Family Welcome and Enrollment Center at the district main office campus, Eugene Brucker Education Center at 4100 Normal Street, Annex 12, San Diego, California 92103.


1. You can now complete this form online at this link if we are your neighborhood school: Neighborhood School Student Enrollment

·         PreK-Grade 12 Enrollment Form PDFs

 English  | Spanish  | Tagalog | Vietnamese

·         PreK-Grade 12 Enrollment Form Instructions

 English  | Spanish  | Tagalog | Vietnamese

 2. Authorization to Include Immunization Records in District Database

 3. Medical Examination & Oral Health Assessment form or print from doctor - only if new To District, submit again if attended district pre-school

4. Home Language Survey (must obtain from office) - only need if new To District (must submit again if attended a district pre-school)
This survey is to identify needs for english language learners. See the survey for additional information.see below

 Other required documents:

  • Original birth certificate or passport - New To District

  • Proof of required immunizations (yellow accordian card or print from doctor). Immunization requirements

  • Proof of Residency. The following are acceptable (per District Administrative Circular #12):

    • a recent utility bill (SDG&E, water, landline or cell phone),

    • a rental agreement,

    • property tax payment receipts, mortgage documents,

    • documents addressed to you from Social Services,

    • and military housing orders.
      DMV documents and bank statements are not accepted