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Wilson, Brenda (Counselor)

 I have enjoyed working with many Standley students over my tenure here. 

 During the first days of school, be sure to check they write all assignments in their planners.

 If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail me.  It is the quickest way to reach me bwilson@sandi.net.

Welcome to a new year!

Other Counselors:

Phyllis Meredith

School Counselor 8th Grade

7th Grade S-Z (Also 7th Grade M-R on Tuesdays/Thursdays)


(858) 455-0550 X 1116

Eileen Warrington
School Counselor
504 Coordinator

Monday, Wednesday and Friday Afternoons

7th Grade D-R


(858) 455-0550 X 1117