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Daily Bell Schedule




Period 1

 8:05 – 9:02

Period 1

 8:05 – 9:02

Period 2

    9:06 – 9:59

Period 2

    9:06 – 9:59

Period 3

  10:03 – 10:56

Period 3

  10:03 – 10:56

Period 4

  11:00 – 11:53

Period 4

  11:00 – 11:53

1st Lunch (5th)

  11:57 – 12:27

Academic Prep (5th)

  11:57 – 12:27

Academic Prep (6th)

  12:31 – 1:01

2nd Lunch (6th)

  12:31 – 1:01

Period 7

 1:05 – 1:58

Period 7

 1:05 – 1:58

Period 8

 2:02 – 2:55

Period 8

 2:02 – 2:55

Minimum Day Bell Schedule

We will observe a Minimum Day Bell Schedule on


Except The LAST DAY OF SCHOOL (Wednesday, June 11, 2019)

we will follow a different modified day schedule (Students dismissed at 1:10 p.m.)

Period 1

8:05 – 8:55

Period 1

8:05 – 8:55

Period 2

8:59 – 9:45

Period 2

8:59 – 9:45

Period 3

9:49 – 10:35

Period 3

9:49 – 10:35

Period 4

10:39 – 11:25

Period 4

10:39 – 11:25

1st Lunch

11:29 – 11:59

Period 7

11:29 – 12:15

Period 7

12:03 – 12:49

2nd Lunch

12:19 – 12:49

Period 8

12:53 – 1:40

Period 8

12:53 – 1:40


No school on the following days:



6298 Radcliffe Drive

San Diego, CA 92122

858/455-0550, fax 858/546-7627

Website: www.sandi.net/standley

9/3, 11/12, 11/19-23, 12/24-1/4, 1/21, 2/15, 2/18, 3/25-3/29, 5/24, 5/28



Table of Contents

Bell Schedule.............................................................................. A

Table of Contents/Welcome......................................................... B

Parent Information................................................................. C-D

Attendance.............................................................................. E-F

Academic Honesty Policy............................................................ F

Grading.................................................................................. G-H

Behavior Expectations............................................................ H-J

Dress to Learn Policy.................................................................. J

Personal Property................................................................... J-K

Discipline/S.O.A.R.................................................................. K-L

8th Grade Activities.................................................................... M

Library/Textbooks..................................................................... M

Health Office......................................................................... M-N

Physical Education and Activity Log...................................... N-O

Independent Reading Record...................................................... P

Standards for Math Practice...................................................... Q

AVID Tools for Student Success................................................. Q

Seahawk Sessions Passport ………………………………………….. R


Welcome to Standley Middle School

     On behalf of the Standley staff we are pleased to welcome both our new and returning students.  At Standley we are very proud of our exemplary teachers who are dedicated to assisting you achieve both academic and personal success.  We are proud of our well-behaved students and supportive parents who work with us to maintain a strong, academic focus and a positive and safe school climate.

     While promoting our middle school philosophy, we offer every Standley student not only a rigorous, balanced curriculum but also an enriching experience.  We want every student to “SOAR to new heights.”  Each one of you is a unique person, and we, the staff, are here to assist you.  We encourage you to study hard, participate in school events, cooperate with staff, respect the rights of others, and pass on our traditions of scholarship, citizenship, spirit, and pride.


Don’t Forget the

5 P’s






     The school provides this planner to give students and parents useful information about our school. The policies and procedures in the planner will be of great value in helping you adjust to our school and organize your daily routines.  Using the planner every day to keep track of classroom activities and your assignments is a school requirement. You must have your planner each day and should never remove or fold any pages.   If the planner is lost or misplaced, a replacement planner must be purchased in the financial office. This planner is a resource for you throughout the year.


Student Success at Standley

     Students must seriously focus on their academics and positive citizenship.  Students who have consistently been successful should be commended and encouraged to keep up the good work.  Students who have had academic and/or behavioral difficulties have the opportunity to demonstrate a positive change in these areas as needed.  Students and their parents/ guardians need to be proactive to ensure the best possible academic achievement and positive behavioral record.  Following are suggestions for both the student and parent(s) to support these objectives:

  Review the informational pages of this planner on a regular basis.  This planner is the best resource when discussing Standley’s Dress to Learn policy, attendance policies, and grading/citizenship guidelines.

  Students should use this planner to record all homework and assignments they need to complete.  Parents can then check the planner and assignments to determine completion.  Effective use of the planner provides excellent communication between the home and school and makes a positive difference in students completing their assignments.

  Students need to check with their teachers frequently if they have concerns about their grades and/or citizenship. Grade reports are given every six weeks, however, many students require closer monitoring.  Students and parents should check grades online or ask for a printout on a regular basis if a computer is not available.

  Parents can contact individual teachers and/or counselor by voicemail, email or by making an appointment to speak with them.  Please allow a 48-hour (business days) window of time for a response from the person you are contacting. 

  Parents should continually discuss the importance of maintaining good grades and excellent citizenship with your student.


Facts for Parents

     Please refer to the Facts for Parents Handbook distributed the first week of school for specific policies regarding: Student Non-Discrimination, Student Sexual Harassment, Computer/Internet Use, Zero Tolerance and Photo/Media Release.  There is a Universal Form that must be signed and returned to school to ensure that all policies are read and that parents/guardians and their children understand their responsibilities regarding using the internet and using the school’s laptop for learning.  You may find a copy of the Facts for Parents Handbook on the school website.


Parent Involvement

     Students benefit, go farther, and reach higher if they are part of a successful school, family, and community partnership.  This partnership is very important to the staff at Standley Middle School.  Parents/guardians are encouraged to become involved in a variety of areas in the school.  We can use parents/guardians in classrooms as tutors or readers, in the media center for assistance with textbooks and library books, for special events and field trips, as coaches for Science Olympiad, Parents on Campus to assist with supervision at lunchtime and on committees such as Governance Team, School Site Council, PTSA and ELAC. Of course we also know how important your home involvement is in monitoring your child, their work, this planner and staying current on all school events.  Thank you for all you do!

     We always enjoy having our parents/guardians visit our school and our classrooms.  If you would like to visit your student’s classroom, please call 24 hours before and speak with the teacher, counselor, or vice principal prior to your visit to arrange a specific time.  When coming on campus, it is an Ed. Code requirement to check into the main office for a visitor’s pass. 

     As parents you should set expectations for your child.  It is OK for you to be active in their lives.  You can ask questions—it is your right!  Your child may not want you to be involved, but be involved. This is a critical age for you to be involved!  Be involved in their social media participation.  Know what apps they are using, know their passwords for everything, set boundaries together, and monitor their use regularly. 

     Standley has a very active Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) that assists students in many ways.  The PTSA board meets monthly.  All interested parents/guardians, students, staff, and teachers are encouraged to join PTSA and become actively involved.  If you are unable to attend meetings but would like to be involved with this organization, please contact the school office.





Home – School Communication

     Email is generally the best way to communicate with the staff.  You can find addresses on the school website. Teachers use their own webpage to give information to students and parents, including homework and other assignments.  Each teacher’s webpage can be found by going to www.sandiegounified.org/schools/standley.  Click on Staff on the menu bar and then click on the link to his or her webpage.  Links for homework or other resources can be found on each teacher’s page.  Please allow a 48 hour (business days) window of time for a response from the teacher.

3 Wishes Program

     WISHES (Where Is Student Homework Extra Support) is a school wide homework program being implemented to assist with student accountability and parent involvement.  Each time a student does not have their homework in a single class it is recorded as a WISH.  When a student gets 3 WISHES in a single class they will be sent to the office where the visit will be documented, a phone call home will be made, and a progressive support will be assigned.  The supports are designed to assist the students in completing the homework and improving their academic success. 


     Students and parents will be able to monitor performance in real time using PowerSchool.  See the Site Tech if you need more information or password.


     Mr. Pearson frequently makes a call to all families covering school news and events.  Please make sure your contact information is up to date.


     The Stay Connected is sent via email to our families weekly with PTSA and school news.  The PTSA will ask for your email the first week of school.  If you would like to receive messages electronically, please complete the form with your correct email address.  A link to PTSA is also on our website.

Contact Information

     Always keep the school office updated with your current phone number and email address.


  School Supplies

     The school will provide necessary class supplies.  These necessary supplies include pens, pencils, writing and drawing paper and other supplies necessary for participation in classes.  Students may bring their own supplies to school if they wish.  If students bring supplies to school, it is recommended that they bring the following:  3 ring binder (no more than 1 ½”) with subject dividers, four (4) 70 page spiral notebooks (likely to need another set at the semester), lined loose leaf paper, pencils, pens, and highlighters.

Student Identification Card

     The school issues each student an ID card at no cost and it should be with the student at all times while on campus.  The ID card identifies you as belonging to Standley.  The ID is needed for lunch purchase, textbook and library checkout, computer use, riding the school bus, and other school activities.  This card is considered school property and will be kept clean of scratches, rips, tears, markers, tape, stickers, etc.  Discipline is given for repeat offenders who violate the ID policy.  A lost/damaged card must be replaced at the financial office for $5.00.








     All students are expected to be in class every day.  You are expected to be on time and to have all the materials you will need for the day.  We value each minute of instructional time.  In order to be successful please follow these attendance guidelines.


     On the day you are absent, please have your parent/guardian call (858) 455-0550 ext. 1103, to report your absence.  Unexcused absences for all or any part of the school day will be subject to consequences.  If you are absent without an excuse, or permission from your teacher or parent, you will be considered Truant.  It is yourresponsibility to make up missed assignments when absent.  You may be required to make up your truancy during Wednesday School or detention.

Tardy Policy

     Students should be in their seats with materials out and ready to learn when the bell rings.  Plan your arrival at the classroom so that you can sharpen your pencil, be in your seat and ready to work before the bell rings.  If you arrive at school after 8:05 am, report to the attendance office and use the computer to check in.  You will be sent to class with a pass indicating whether the tardy is excused or unexcused. 

1st Tardy (warning), 2nd Tardy (notify parent), 3rd Tardy (< G/notify parent),

4th Tardy (< S/notify parent), 5th Tardy (< N/notify parent),

6th Tardy and up (< U and referral/notify parent).

Periodically tardy sweeps will occur and if you are found out of your classroom, you will be given consequences.

Truancy Policy

     Truancy is an unexcused absence from school.  Students arriving after 8:05 a.m., without verification from a parent/guardian, are considered truant until notification is received in the attendance office.  When a student is truant, parents/guardians will be contacted.  Your missing class time affects both your academic and citizenship grades.  Stay in School!!

Any student out of class without a pass is considered truant.  When leaving a classroom, students are required to have their teacher sign the hall pass in this planner.  Students must have a pass from their teacher and sign in and sign out when they are in one of the offices.  Students who remain in any office without a pass are truant.  Truancy is cause for an automatic U in citizenship; however, it is possible, upon teacher discretion, to make up the first truancy and improve your citizenship grade in that category to an S.


     The regular school day will be from 8:05 a.m. – 2:55 p.m.  Students may come on campus at 7:30 a.m. (students may come to school for tutoring and participation in club activities from 7:00 – 7:45 a.m. if arrangements have been made with the teacher.)  Students enrolled in extended day programs (Prime Time) will be provided special instructions.

     Once you have been dropped here at school you may not leave the property. Students are under the authority of the school from the time you leave your home in the morning until you return home at the end of the day. School rules are in effect on your way to school, on your way home, and during all school activities.   If you leave, you will be considered truant with possible discipline.

Leaving School Early

     If you have to leave campus any time after arriving for school, your parent/guardian must make arrangements with the attendance office for your early dismissal.  They must do this in person.  Upon arrival, please sign out your student on the computer.  If asked, be prepared to show an ID.  Please check your schedule and plan with your parent around your PE period.  It could take up to 30 minutes if you are in PE. 






Independent Study Contract

     Students may receive credit for course work missed because of a short-term absence if a contract for independent study is provided.  Contracts are available to students who will miss five or more consecutive days of school.  For a shorter time period, we recommend you notify each teacher and obtain work from him or her.  To obtain an independent study contract, have your parent/guardian contact the attendance office at least one week in advance to arrange for a contract so you can complete your homework and keep up with your class.

After School Policy

     Students should leave school grounds by 3:00 pm unless attending tutoring, school activity or attending Primetime.


Academic Honesty Policy

     All staff members at Standley Middle School agree that honesty and integrity are essential elements of a successful education.  All students rely upon the honesty and integrity of others to understand and realize truth.

     Cheating is the most destructive action in the academic world.  Cheating undermines the academic process, shatters students’ integrity and destroys the trust necessary for an honest, productive teacher-student relationship.

     High school, private school, college and career application forms may ask school administrators, counselors, and teachers to comment on a student’s trust-worthiness and integrity.  It is our goal to create an atmosphere of academic excellence through honest achievement and pride of accomplishment.

     The acts of academic dishonesty listed below are of major concern to Standley Middle School.  The consequences of these acts may include, but are not limited to: receive a zero on the assignment, parents/guardians will be notified in all instances, lowered citizenship grade for that grading period, and a referral will be placed in the student record.  The second offense in same class may result in an F/U for grading period/semester and possible suspension.

Cheating on Tests and Assignments

     A student is cheating when he/she copies from another student’s exam, quiz, or assignment.  Copying requires two parties and both may be subject to consequences.


     The Oxford English Dictionary defines plagiarism as theft: the taking of another’s thoughts, writings, and ideas and presenting them as one’s own. There are two main ways this happens.  A student copies the exact words of another person and presents them as the student’s own words without quotation marks and citing the author.  The other type of plagiarism occurs when a student paraphrases original words and ideas of someone else and does not identify the source.  Whether using exact words or paraphrasing the student is responsible for giving credit to the source of ideas with proper citation.


     A student is guilty of copying when he/she copies another student’s notebook, data disk, homework assignment, textbook material, or other media and claims the work as his/her own.  Copying requires two parties and both may be subject to consequences.

Theft or Alteration of Materials

     A student is guilty of theft or alteration of materials if he/she steals, exchanges, or alters tests or class materials.

Test Avoidance

     A student may be accused of test avoidance after the second absence on an announced test/quiz day within a semester for the apparent advantage of better grades. 





Progress Reports and Report Cards

     The school year is divided into two semesters.  Progress reports are sent home with each student approximately each six weeks (see calendar of events for dates).  On each progress report students will receive, with the exception of Academic Prep, a scholarship and citizenship grade for each class.  At the end of each semester (eighteen weeks) students are issued a report card with final grades that are cumulative over the 3 six week periods. These report cards are mailed home.  These progress reports and semester report cards provide students and parents with vital information about the student’s academic and behavioral success at school.  Parents are requested to contact their student’s teacher(s) first regarding grades if they have concerns.

Academic Grades

     (A, B, C, D, and F) will be determined by each teacher and may include, but not limited to, such items as homework, quizzes, tests, and projects.  Each teacher will discuss with students how a grade is determined. This information is shared with parents through course syllabi and posted on the teacher webpage.  Please contact teachers with any concerns.

Citizenship Grades

      Teachers determine citizenship in each class.  The following table can help you determine what is generally required for an E, G, S, N, or U.



Citizenship Grade



Characteristics of learning



On time and ready for class



To self and class for learning



To self, peers, and staff



Follows the SOAR Standard at all times

*Focused on learning/ connected to the work in class

*Class work is complete and on time

*Stays on task without monitoring

*One tardy after warning in semester

*Always prepared for class with required materials

*Maintains a positive attitude always


*Shares ideas with others through active participation in class activities willingly

*Gives assistance to others without being asked as appropriate

*Follows directions the first time

*Speaks with kindness and respect to and about others

*Always follows SMS rules



Follows the SOAR Standard most of the time

*Focused on getting work done in class

*Almost all class work in complete and on time

*Almost always on task

*3rd tardy in semester

*Almost always prepared for class with required materials

*Maintains a positive attitude usually


*Participates in classroom activities with others as requested

*Happily gives assistance to others when asked

*Usually follows directions the first time

*Speaks respectfully to and about others most of the time

*Almost always follows SMS rules



Follows the SOAR Standard often

*Usually focused on getting work done in class

*Most class work is complete and on time

*Stays on task most of the time

*4th tardy in semester

*Usually prepared for class with required materials

*Maintains a neutral attitude


Participates in classroom activities independently

*Gives assistance to others when asked

*Usually follows directions, may not be the first time

*Speaks respectfully to and about others often

*Usually follows SMS rules


Needs Improvement

Follows the SOAR Standard sometimes

*Work is not the primary focus in class

*Class work is generally late or incomplete

*Often off task

*5th tardy in semester

*Generally unprepared for class, lacking required materials

*Sometimes has a negative attitude


*Does not participate in all classroom activities

*Does not give assistance to others

*Occasionally follows directions the first time, requires multiple prompts

*Speaks to others disrespectfully

*Frequently breaks SMS rules



Follows the SOAR standard rarely

*Little or no effort put into class work

*Most class work is late, incomplete or missing

*Usually off task

*6th tardy in semester

*Unprepared for class

*Negative attitude is pervasive

*Truant in grading period

*Takes away from classroom activities by being disruptive

*Ignores others

*Acts of copying, or allowing copying of assignments, tests or homework (plagiarism)

*Rarely follows directions the first time, usually requires multiple prompts

*Frequently puts down others

*No regard for SMS rules


Determine GPA

     The grade point average (GPA) for both academics and citizenship is assigned a number to each grade: A = 4, B = 3, C = 2, D = 1, F = 0/E = 4, G = 3, S = 2, N = 1, U = 0

Total the number of points and divide by the number of academic or citizenship grades.  This is the grade point average (GPA).

Pressure for Grade Changes 

     Any grade change that is not based on mistakes in correcting, recording, averaging or other teacher/clerical errors will not be allowed.

Honor cards

     The staff of Standley is proud of the academic and citizenship accomplishments of our students.  Each six weeks students are placed on the honor roll and receive an honor card that rewards them for their hard work with special treats and privileges.

Gold         = 3.83-4.0 academics AND citizenship

Silver       = 3.5-3.82 academics AND citizenship

Bronze     = 3.5-4.0 academics OR citizenship (No N’s or U’s)


     Eligibility for school activities and club participation will be based on GPA.


     Your teachers will let you know which day/s they are available each week for tutoring.



     Positive student behavior is expected at Standley.  Students must not leave campus once they have arrived to school. Students should report any dangerous behaviors to an adult.  Students who do not follow all school and classroom rules are subject to consequences that include, but are not limited to: seating change, student/teacher conference, parent contact, lunch court clean-up/beautification, Wednesday school, student/parent/teacher/counselor conference, loss of class privileges, referral to vice principal for suspension from school, and/or disqualification from school events.  Besides the SOAR expectations listed page L, Standley has additional rules for behavior, as follows:

Birthday Bashing

     Throwing any food or drink on or at another is not tolerated.  If this occurs, there will be consequences for all students involved.   Whole eggs are NOT permitted in anyone’s possession whether on the way to school or on the school ground.  Celebration balloons, flowers, cakes, cupcakes, and stuffed animals are a distraction to learning and are not allowed at school and may be confiscated if brought on campus.

Field Trips

     All school rules apply while off campus on a field trip and consequences may be given.


     Disrespecting adults verbally, through gestures, or in writing is unacceptable and undermines the academic environment of our school.  Respect must be universal; all students and adults must show respect to each other at all times.


     Discrimination will not be tolerated at Standley.  Students and staff will not discriminate against others based on gender identity, gender expression, color, race, religion, or disability.  If you feel that discrimination has occurred, contact your counselor, teacher, vice principal, or principal to report the problem.

Beverages and Gum

     Consuming energy drinks, coffee, soda, or chewing gum is not permitted anywhere at school or on the school bus.  Possession of these items is not allowed at school and they may be confiscated.  Students may bring and drink water or other beverages sold at school. 

Trash and Glass

     Keep your campus litter-free.  Students throwing trash or food on the ground will be assigned campus beautification.  Do not bring glass containers or bottles on campus as they pose a hazard when broken in the trash or on the ground.  Take pride in your school.

No Student Sales

     Students are not allowed to sell any product on campus unless it is part of an ASB sanctioned fundraiser.  Any items being sold on campus will be confiscated and all money will be returned.

PDA is not ok

     No Hugging – No Kissing – No hand-holding – No public display of affection at any time.


     Rowdiness, running on campus or disruptive behavior is not allowed.  If you are running during passing period or at lunch you may be asked to do campus beautification. Play fighting will result in a referral and/or suspension as it is not allowed and often leads to actual fights and/or injuries.


     No profane or vulgar language.  No flagrant disrespect of any student, teacher or school employee.  Use of profanity, abusive language or abusive gestures, racial slurs or any degrading comments will result in a referral, detention and/or suspension.


     No Sharpies or permanent markers of any kind are allowed at school and will be confiscated.

Defacing School Property

     Tagging, defacing, or destruction of school property is against the law.  Violators will be held financially responsible and/or be subject to school discipline. 

No Gambling

     No gambling of any kind is allowed at school and all items will be confiscated.

Sexual Harassment

     Standley is committed to ensuring a safe, positive, and productive learning environment for everyone.  No harassment of any type will be tolerated, including sexual harassment.  Any verbal, visual, or physical behavior that is sexual in nature and is made by someone from, or in, school can be treated as sexual harassment.  Specific actions that may be considered sexual harassment include: unwanted sexual comments or touching, requests for sexual favors, and exposing private areas of yourself or others (i.e., pantsing, or lifting of clothing).  Students who violate this policy will receive disciplinary actions up to and including suspension and/or expulsion from school.  Report any sexual harassment to your counselor, teacher, vice principal, or principal immediately.

Network/Computer Use

     Using the school computers, accessing the district’s network, and PowerSchool is a privilege, not a right.  School computers are strictly for school work ONLY.  Misuse of the computers or network will result in loss of privileges (SDUSD A.P. 4580) and consequences of the misuse may result in referrals and/or suspension.  You must abide by all requirements of the Netbook and Cart Student Use Agreement as well as the conditions outlined in the Facts for Parents handbook.

Bullying, Harassment, and Intimidation

     Bullying, harassment, or intimidation refers to any severe, on going or verbal act or conduct, including communications in writing or by means of an electronic device that is directed to others and has, or can be reasonably predicted to have, a negative effect on another.  Bullying (including cyber-bullying), harassment, or intimidation is serious and not to be tolerated.  Any instance of bullying, harassment, or intimidation that is intentionally cruel to others and those acts that may be perceived as being motivated by actual, or perceived sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or expression, ethnic group identification, race, ancestry, national origin, religion, color, or mental or physical disability, or age, or creed, or marital status, or on the basis of a person’s association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics should be immediately reported to an adult on campus.  Bullying, harassment, or intimidation; is when you speak, text, blog, post, message anything that may include, but is not limited to, speech that is vulgar, cruel, mean-spirited, threatening, harassing, intimidating, spreading gossip or rumors, taking photographs that demean or humiliate and are critical of the school, teachers, school administrators or fellow students.  The school rules and discipline may apply when bullying, harassment, or intimidation, whether occurring on or off campus, finds its way onto campus and disrupts the school environment.  This policy is not intended to infringe upon the constitutionally protected right of expression or association. (AP 6381)


                                               Dress To Learn Policy

   All decisions made at Standley Middle School are centered on academic rigor to support student achievement.  Students are required to wear clothes appropriate for school.  School attire (including clothes, hairstyles, cosmetics, and accessories) should protect the health and safety of the students and should not interfere with the educational process.  Please be advised that the Dressed to Learn Policy will be strictly enforced and you will be required to change clothes.  Please follow these guidelines when choosing your school clothes:

·   Student attire should not advertise or advocate the use of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, or weapons. This also applies to garments with writing or pictures that are obscene, suggestive, sexual or violent.

·   Shoes must be worn at all times. Heels and soles cannot be more than 2” high.  No sandals, flip flops, or slippers are allowed.  All shoes must cover the student’s toes and heels.

·   Half-shirts, crop tops, low necklines, spaghetti straps, tank/tube tops and lace/see-through are inappropriate.   No provocative clothing exposing bra, cleavage, midriff, or back.

·   Shorts, skirts, walking shorts, and/or skorts must be no shorter than 4” above the knees (below fingertips) when worn without leggings/shorts underneath.  Excessively short items will not be allowed with or without leggings.

·   Pajamas are not appropriate for school except for ASB approved spirit days.

·   P.E. clothing is for P.E. only and may not be worn throughout the school day.         

·   Clothing must fit neatly at the waist without sagging.

·   A long top will be worn if leggings, yoga pants, or tight sweatpants are worn alone as “pants”. 

·   No holes or rips above the knee not covered with a patch.

·   Undergarments should not be seen.

·   Hoop earrings may be no larger than a quarter.  No spike plugs, piercings with points.

·   Hairstyles, body piercing and tattoos should not be distracting to the learning environment.

·   Wallet chains and long belts are not permitted at school.

·   Hats, sunglasses, or gloves are not to be worn inside buildings.

·   Wearing or displaying gang-related signs and/or insignia, distinctive modes of dress denoting gang affiliation and gang-related behavior is prohibited.

You will be required to alter your dress if the code is violated and may receive consequences if it is a repeat offense.  All dress code rules are subject to administrative review.


Personal Property


     Never leave your backpack or belongings unattended or with anyone else!  It is your responsibility to keep your belongings with you.  Take your backpack with you when you leave a room.  Keep it close to you in the lunch court.   It is better to be safe than sorry.

Electronic Devices/Cell Phones

     Students bring cell phones and electronic devices at their own risk.  The school is NOT responsible for lost or stolen phones or electronic devices and will not investigate.  Electronics, including but not limited to cell phones, ipods, ear buds, or any electronic device/game that is on the market (past, current or future) should be left at home.  Cell phones must be turned off and out of sight during the school day including tutoring or any other school sponsored event.  Smart watches will not be connected to phones during the school day.  Ear buds should not be visible during school hours.   If an inappropriate item is turned on, heard, or seen in use by any school staff member, the item may be confiscated and an Inappropriate Item Form may be completed and given to student.  For first offense, parent signature is required for return of item to student at the end of the school day.  All subsequent offenses will require a parent to come to school to pick up the inappropriate item.  Students are prohibited from taking photos or video of students, teachers, or staff on school grounds without permission.  Consequences may include, but are not limited to: a referral will be placed in the student record, possible suspension, U in citizenship in that class, and parents will be notified in all instances.  In emergencies, students may use the office telephones with office staff permission.  Please do not contact your student on their cell phone during the school day.  If you need to get a message to your student please contact the main office.


     Skateboards/scooters may be ridden to school but they must be left in a teacher’s classroom during the school day.  Students are responsible for making arrangements for storage with a teacher. Skateboards/scooters may not be carried throughout the day. Bicycles may be ridden to school and must be locked in the bicycle area near B1 during the day.  It is a California law that anyone under the age of 18 must wear a helmet when riding a skateboard/scooter or bicycle. Skateboards/scooters and bicycles will be confiscated if a student does not have a helmet.  A parent will need to pick up the property.  You bring your skateboard/scooter/bicycle to school at your own risk.  The school is not responsible for damage or loss of personal property.

Lost and Found

     Check for any lost valuables in the school office.  Clothes, notebooks and other large items are stored near the Custodian’s Office.  The P.E. department also has a lost and found for clothes and locks.

If a rule or expectation is not followed, discipline may be necessary and consist of:

Wednesday School

     Multiple detentions and Homework Interventions will be held on minimum day Wednesdays.  Missed detentions will result in additional disciplinary action.

In-School Suspension (ISS)

     Students are assigned to In-school Suspension (ISS) by the administration.  Students assigned ISS must read, complete assigned work, participate in counseling session, and/or participate in school service (lunch court beautification).

Suspension from School

     Formal suspension is a disciplinary action taken by school administration which temporarily prohibits a student from attending regular classes and other school events.  The length of the suspension will vary from one to five days depending on the offense, and frequency of the action.  Students are subject to suspension from school for a number of disciplinary reasons including but not limited to fighting, disruption/ defiance, theft, harassment, discrimination, bullying, possession or use of tobacco, alcohol, inhalants, or other controlled substance.  A suspension from school becomes a part of a student’s permanent school record.


     Possession of weapons, repeated fights or acts of violence, repeated possession of/sale of alcohol, inhalants, intoxicants/controlled substance and/or repeated defiance/disruption may result in expulsion proceedings.  Expulsion from San Diego Unified School District will result in loss of your privileges to attend school or extracurricular activities for the remainder of the school year or up to 12 months at the discretion of the Superintendent.  Students will be placed in an alternative program.





SOAR                                     Discipline – the Choice is YOURS!                         SOAR

SUCCESSFUL                      OPTIMISTIC                       ACCOUNTABLE                                    RESPECTFUL

                                                                         Attributes of SOAR-ing students

                             Before School

Successful students arrive no earlier than 7:30 am, stay within the lunch court boundaries or seek out tutoring, and start the day with a positive attitude.

Optimistic students expect to have a great day.

Accountable students are responsible for their own actions and aren’t influenced by others who are trying to get them to do the wrong thing.           

Respectful students meet and greet other students and staff.  They follow school rules and respect the property and feelings of others.


Successfulstudents use the bathroom between classrooms and only when needed.

Optimistic students expect to give and receive privacy in the bathroom.

Accountablestudents use the bathroom for what it is intended.

Respectful students keep the bathroom clean and sanitary


Successful students have their I.D.’s out and PIN numbers ready at all times.

Optimisticstudents enjoy positive interactionswith everyone.

Accountable students respect the lunch boundaries lines and have their passes ready, if they are attending tutoring at lunch.

Respectfulstudents do not take cuts in line when going to lunch.  Respectful students keep their voices low, these students also clean up their area and others.                       


Successful students arrive on time and prepared.

Optimisticstudents expect to learn.

Accountable students complete their work.

Respectful students follow the rules, so that everyone has an opportunity to learn.

Counseling Center/Office

Successful students read the Standley planner, utilize the resources inside the planner and follow school guidelines and expectations.

Optimisticstudents believe in themselves and know they can make a difference.

Accountablestudents obtain a pass from the teacher before coming in to the counseling center/office.

Respectfulstudents sign in and sit quietly and patiently while waiting to be called in.  These students also knock the door and wait to be motioned inside

Hallways During Class

Successful students have a pass and walk quickly and quietly to their destination.

Optimisticstudents look forward to learning, so they return to class as quickly as possible.

Accountablestudents avoid being out of class during instruction.

Respectfulstudentsare careful not to disrupt instruction.


Successfulstudents are able to find information and use the resources.

Optimisticstudents show an interest in using all the materials.

Accountablestudents know how to be “on task” in the library.

Respectfulstudents come in quietly and use their time wisely.

Overall Behavior Throughout the Day

Successful students know their positive behavior leads to their success.

Optimistic students know that school rules are for the benefit of everyone.

Accountablestudents follow the Standley rules.

Respectfulstudents use appropriate languageand take care of school property.

Passing Periods

Successful students arrive to class on time, ready to learn.

Optimisticstudents show an upbeat attitude and greet other politely.

Accountablestudents take a direct route to their classes.

Respectfulstudents show courtesy and respect to all students and adults.  

Physical Education

SuccessfulP.E. students are prepared everyday and participate to the best of their ability.

Optimistic students always strive to do their personal best.

Accountable students recognize that taking care of your bodies and living a healthy lifestyle supports academic achievement.

Respectfulstudents respect all teachers, people, property, and rules of the P.E. department.

Visiting Teachers

Successful students follow directions the 1st time.

Optimistic students believe that they can learn from everyone.

Accountable students actively take responsibility for their learning and take ownership of their behavior.

Respectful students find ways to help guest teachers have a successful visit.

                After School

Successful students know they have everything they need from school to complete their homework for the day and by 2:55 pm have left school, reported to Primetime, or reported to tutoring class in a safe and timely manner.

Optimistic students look forward to the next challenge.

Accountable students manage their time to complete their homework and they do the right thing, even when no one else is watching.

Respectfulstudents recognize behavioral standards and expectations, regardless of location or time.

8th Grade Activities & Promotion Requirements

     Standley Middle school provides several 8th grade events to celebrate the successful completion of middle school for our students.  These activities include, but may not be limited to, 8th grade activity, and the Promotion ceremony.  The entire Standley staff hopes all eighth grade students will qualify for participation in all activities.  What a wonderful way to end students’ middle school years and provide encouragement and motivation for a successful high school career and beyond!

     However, participating in eighth grade activities is considered a privilege. Students must demonstrate they have had a successful educational experience at Standley Middle School, based on a positive academic and citizenship record. .  Listed below are criteria used to identify students who may be disqualified for some or all of our middle school culminating events:

  Students who receive 2 or more F’s in any classes during second semester at the 12 week grading period ending April 27, 2018 may be excluded from all promotion activities.

  Students must have a minimum of a 2.0 GPA (both academic and citizenship) in order to participate in promotion activities.

  Four or more referrals (including bus referrals/Dress Code Violations/attendance/etc.) in one semester are considered excessive and will be cause for disqualification.  Students and parents will be alerted regarding behavioral concerns when referrals are written by a teacher  and/or handled by an administrator or counselor.

  Any out of school suspension or multiple assignments to in-school suspension for a full day or more are severe consequences at Standley and are cause for disqualification.


Library Media Center Services

     Students are issued textbooks for English, History, Science, Math and Foreign Language classes.  Parents and students have one week after checkout to examine each book for damage and to notify the library of any issues.  Families are expected to care for these books and to assume responsibility for damage or loss.  District Policy H-8800c requires collection of money for willful or negligent damage or loss of instructional materials, and the average cost of a textbook is $80.  All instructional materials must be returned at the end of each school year.

     Students are encouraged to use the library before school and during lunch.  Materials have been collected to meet students’ curricular needs, and to promote literacy and the love of reading.  Two books may be checked out at a time, for a two-week loan period, with one renewal.

     The library catalog, called Destiny, is available online at http://destiny.sandi.net.  Type Standley in the “Search for Site Name” box at the left, and click on the blue link.  Students may check their library records at any time by using the “Login” link on the Standley Library home page and entering their district ID’s and passwords. 

Health Office


     Prevention is best cure for illness.  Remember to sneeze in your sleeve! However, if you become ill at school you must report to your teacher first and then request a pass to go to the Health Office.  Students are not to call home from the classroom or by cell phone.  Illnesses are referred to the health office for assessment.  The designated personnel will phone a parent/guardian to report illness or injury of a student.  A parent/guardian must be able to transport a sick child home from school.  The name of a responsible relative or neighbor who can transport your child must be recorded on the registration card.  You must not leave school without authorization!  Absences of more than three days require a doctor’s note of clearance for attendance.  Before re-admittance students must be fever free for 24 hours; able to eat a regular diet; and have no signs of obvious rash or illness.  Modification of P.E. participation due to illness or injury requires a physician’s note outlining the limitations, alternative activities and duration of limited participation.


     Any student who is required to take prescribed medication during the school day must have a doctor’s order on file in the health office before the medication is administered.  Student may be assisted by the designated school personnel, if necessary.   Parents may obtain a copy of the district “Physician’s Recommendation for Medication” from the Standley website at www.sandi.net/standley or the Standley Health Office.  School personnel may not administer non-prescription medications unless ordered by a physician. Students may not carry medication on their person or in their backpack, purse, etc. at any time without first receiving permission from the school personnel in the health office.

Injuries and Illnesses

     If a student is injured or sick, a note or email from a parent or guardian to the student's P.E. teacher is very important.  Notes should be first brought to the Health Office, and staff will consult with teachers in these situations and, together, will ultimately decide how to treat the student during physical education.  Sometimes, a student will participate in P.E. but will be limited to less strenuous activities like walking instead of running.  In the case of more serious injuries, students will report to the office during P.E. and will be given assignments from the California Health Education Curriculum.

Immunizations and Screening

     In accordance with California state law, all immunizations must be current for students to attend school.  Additional requirements for 7th grade entry include Tdap booster, two doses of measles-containing vaccine, verification of chicken pox disease.  During the school year students will participate in state mandated screening programs for vision and hearing.        


Physical Education

Dress and Material Requirement

     Students are required to have a gray T-shirt, navy shorts, and supportive athletic shoes/socks.  Although not required, a combination lock is highly recommended to protect valuables.  (Please see a P.E. coach, or staff member, if you do not have a lock.)  Standley P.E. shirts and shorts as well as a cinch sack and Master Brand combination locks can be purchased at the school's financial office.  The student's name will be written or engraved on all items which are used for P.E.  Students are also encouraged to wear sweat pants and/or sweatshirts over their P.E. clothes when the weather gets cold.  Loaner clothes may be made available on a limited basis.  Clothing should be taken home at least once per week to be washed.  Most students take their P.E. clothes home on Friday.  Students will be assigned a locker to store these items.  The school staff is not responsible for lost/stolen items.

Medical Excuses

     Students are required to bring a written note from a parent in order to be excused from physical education.  A doctor’s note must be presented for illness or injury lasting more than three days.  Students are required to dress out and participate to the maximum degree that their illness/medical condition allows. See the Health Office Section of this planner for more information.  Students are required to make up all missed work.


     We believe in you!  We believe that you can be involved, respectful, accountable, tolerant, and enthusiastic while having a positive experience at Standley.  We wish you a successful and enjoyable year as a Standley Seahawk!

                                                                                          -- Administrative Team,


Fitness Testing Results





















Curl Ups








Push Ups








Trunk Lift








Sit and Reach





















Mile and PACER Results








































































Independent Reading Record

“The more you read the more things you will know.

The more that you learn the more places you will go.” ~Dr. Seuss

According to California State Standards of Education, Middle School students should be reading more independently.  By the end of Middle School, students will have read one million words annually across many genres including expository and instructional materials.  To achieve one million words means that a person is reading for at least 30 minutes every day.  To help students reach the goal, this planner contains a Reading Log to record the 15 books and other materials read during the school year.

Reading Tips: 1) Look for books and magazines on topics you like, 2)Find a quiet place to focus while you read, 3)Read every day for at least 30 minutes, 4) Write down words that you do not understand, 5) Look them up in the dictionary, 6) Take time to pause and think about what you are reading, 7) Celebrate your accomplishment as you complete the IRR.






Pages / Chapters

Start Date



Parent Initals






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Homework Formula

How many parts to the assignment? ______ (use the equation below for each part)

How many questions/pages/tasks? ______  X  Difficulty ______ (1=easy, 2=medium, 3=difficult) = _______  Total number of minutes needed for that part of the assignment

(always round up to the nearest 5 minute increment)



I have 1 part to my assignment with 6 medium level questions

6 (questions) X 2 (medium difficulty) = 12 minutes


Plan for 15 minutes to complete the assignment.



AVID tools for student success


Cornell Note Format



Students write down the topic/objective you will be

discussing in class.






Essential questions guide and frame the note-taking and summarization.  Students create an essential question based on the topic and/or objective for that day’s lesson.



After class, create questions

based on your learning for

that day’s lesson.


Subtitles, pictures, diagrams, and key words can be written on this side also.






What is a noun?



During class discussion, watching a video, reading a text book, participating in a math question or science lab, you will take notes on the right side.


You may find these tips to be helpful during discussion:

*use your own words

*write down main ideas/paraphrase

*Indent, skip lines

*use abbreviations

*use symbols



Nouns are used to describe a person, place or thing.



Write a summary based on the essential question and the questions that

you generated on the left side of the Cornell Note page.


For more information visit www.avid.org


Seahawk Sessions Passport











Text Box: Session Title: _________________________
What I want to remember:
What I want to do better:

Text Box: Session Title: _________________________
What I want to remember:
What I want to do better:

Text Box: Session Title: _________________________
What I want to remember:
What I want to do better:

Text Box: Session Title: _________________________
What I want to remember:
What I want to do better: