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Standley Clubs

If your student is interested in participating in any of the clubs listed here, they can contact the advisor for more information. Clubs are a great way to meet new friends with similar interests. Clubs are free and open to all.




Standley Middle School Clubs




Club                            Advisor                      Contact      

ASB Club                     Monte Carroll             mcarroll2@sandi.net             

Avid Club                    Nicole Asaro               nasaro@sandi.net                 

Chess Gang/Club       James Markowitz       jmarkowitz@sandi.net          

Choir Club                  Tim McLellan              tmclellan@sandi.net           

Circle of Friends         Melisa Essenburg       messenburg@sandi.net         

Culture Club               Maire Juergens           mjuergens@sandi.net                

GSA Club                     Monte Carroll             mcarroll2@sandi.net

Green Team Club       Shelley Rannikko       srannikko@sandi.net                       

Journalism Club         Maire Juergens           mjuergens@sandi.net          

Photography Club      Maire Juergens           mjuergens@sandi.net 

Running Club              Melinda Prietto          mprietto@sandi.net              

Yearbook Club           Maire Juergens           mjuergens@sandi.net