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The Middle Years Monthly Publication

Show parents how to improve their children’s school success—and behavior—during the middle years

  • Middle grade children go through dramatic changes and desperately need their parents’ support. Many parents want to help, but aren’t sure what to do. With Middle Years, you can give parents the help they need with almost no effort on your part. Articles will help parents:

    • understand their middle graders’ behavior
    • build respect, responsibility, empathy, and more
    • support homework and study skills
    • stay involved—middle-school style
    • set age-appropriate rules and expectations
    • promote health and safety
    • emphasize the importance of education
    • Boost school success.
    • Strengthen the home and school partnership.
    • Enhance parenting skills.
    • Improve family life.
    • Build positive character traits.

    Click on the links below to download individual publications:             Click here for 2016-18 Publications

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