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Directory M


Marshall, Marian

Math Teacher

Ext. 114Room 213mmarshall2@sandi.net Web Site
 Int Math III Syllabus 

Martin, Angela

Speech Therapist

Ext. 190Media Center Jamartin1@sandi.net 

Martin, Jarod

Math Teacher

Ext. 168Room 613jmartin5@sandi.net Web Site
  AP Calc Syllabus 

Martinez, Josefina

Health Tech

Ext. 211   

Medina, Johnny

Project Lead The Way Teacher

Ext. 126Room 902jmedina5@sandi.net 

Melesko, Nick


Ext. 290Health Officenmelesko@sandi.net 

Middleton, Alison

Special Education Teacher

Ext. 250Room 421amiddleton@sandi.net 

Mora, Elva


Ext. 222Officeemora1@sandi.net 

Moynes, Sarah

Science Teacher

Ext. 336Room 704smoynes@sandi.net Web Site

*Note; Ext numbers may be reached by first dialing into the school at (858) 496-8342.