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Scripps Ranch High School has so many opportunities for students to try their wings in a great variety of interests, whether they be academic, scientific, athletic, artistic, political... or your own unique interests.

Our experienced staff and faculty are dedicated to providing a nurturing environment for students to grow, learn and even take time to simply have fun.

Scripps Ranch High offer scores of clubs and activities, in addition to the innovative as well as strong academic classes. SRHS wants students to have the best education to prepare for their future successes.

We invite students to explore our school website for all the great possibilities here for them. Here are some things you should know.



Student Handbook

Be sure to read the Student Handbook, where you'll learn about some of the fun activities here, as well as the rules and regulations that govern life at SRHS.

Student Parking

SRHS has approximately 550 spaces available for students; parking in lots with a valid permit is on a first-come, first-served basis. A parking permit is $25.00 for the school year and purchase of a parking permit doesn't guarantee an available space. Students are to park only in areas assigned for student parking and will be required to have a valid parking permit displayed in the front window.

Students who park in assigned staff or visitor spaces may be cited.

The school does not assume responsibility for vehicles parked on campus. Parking applications may be picked up in the Attendance Office. Student parking permits are on sale at the Fall Kick-Off and after school begins.

Be a Good Neighbor

Our neighbors in the business parks surrounding the school have asked for the cooperation of our students and parents in following traffic and parking regulations on the community streets. Please do not double park or jaywalk. It has become difficult for individuals working in the business parks to get to and from work because of the congestion around Scripps Ranch and Scripps Lake boulevards, Treena Street and Meanley Drive. The worst times are just before the start of school and at dismissal. Please do not double-park to drop off students to walk to school. Also use crosswalks as you approach school. With everyone’s cooperation the traffic situation surrounding the school and the business will be much safer.

Credit Recovery Program

The Credit Recovery Program provides instructional support and intervention for students at risk of dropping out of high school and/or failing to graduate with their class. Students currently enrolled in the Credit Recovery Program work independently in standards-based online instructional curriculum in math, science, English, social sciences, world languages, CAHSEE Prep and elective offerings. SRHS counselors decide who is qualified to enroll in the CRP. The Credit Recovery Lab is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. in Room 410. For further information, contact Marilyn Ortega at 858-621-9020 x 4410 or via e-mail at: mortega@sandi.net

Your Counselor

Be sure to visit the Falcon Counseling section. There you'll find special pages for Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores and Freshmen. You can also find out the name of your counselor.

Dress Code

Students are expected to wear appropriate clothing and footwear for school. Students wearing clothing deemed inappropriate will be referred to the Vice Principal, Dean of Students, and/or Counselor. Parents are encouraged to monitor their students for appropriate clothing as they leave for school each day.

Physical Education Uniforms

All students are required to wear appropriate attire to participate in Physical Education classes. Appropriate attire may consist of the SRHS PE uniform or plain navy shorts and plain short sleeve gray t-shirt. Clothing must abide by the SRHS dress code: no short shorts, tank tops, etc., and with the exception of the SRHS uniform, may not have logos, pictures, or printing. Students will be required to report to roll call in their apparel, (shorts and t-shirts). The SRHS PE uniform is available for purchase at the school financial office or our on-line store. Shorts are $15, T-Shirts are $10.


Textbooks are issued during the “Kick-Off" in August; those unable to attend can pick up books after school begins.

Fines will be charged for overdue textbooks and library books. Call (858) 621-9020 ext. 2475 or 2476, if you have any questions concerning indebtedness or textbooks. Outstanding debts from the prior school year, previous schools attended and summer school should be paid before the student will be issued textbooks.

Register and Vote

Once you turn 18, you are now able to register to vote on-line at any time. Visit California's online voting application page to complete the application.