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Transcript Requests

Current SRHS Students

Unofficial Transcript

See the Registrar.
(858) 621-9020 x1133


SENIORS: Transcript request and Letter of recommendation requests should be made at least 2 weeks prior to the deadline. 

Official Transcript

A two-step process.

If it is your first time requesting an official transcript you must also complete the "Release of Information Authorization" form.

  • For current students, all official transcripts must be ordered through the Registrar's Office of through Naviance for current Seniors.
  • For current students, the first three transcripts are free. Additional transcripts are $1.
  • For former students, transcript requests must be made in person or via USPS mail or E-mail.  The first two transcripts are free.  Additional transcripts are $3.

Naviance instructions

  • Log on to Naviance and click on the “Colleges” tab
  • Click on the word “Transcript” which can be found on the left side of the “Colleges” page under the word Resources.
  • After requesting transcript electronically through Naviance you must also go into the registrar’s office and complete a paper request.
  • For College: Click on the words “Request transcripts for my college applications”
  • If college is on the “colleges I’m applying to” list, check the box next to the college name(s), then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the button “Request Transcripts”. If you have already requested a transcript it will not appear on the list.
  • If college is not on the “colleges I’m applying to” list, look up the school and indicate which type of application will be submitted, then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the button “Request Transcripts.”
  • Once you have requested a transcript, go to the “colleges I’m applying to” list and see if your transcript will be sent electronically or if it will need to be mailed.
  • Naviance messages
    OK buttonTranscript will be submitted electronically to the college.
    See registrarBring a pre-addressed, stamped envelope to the Registrar.

When should you request a transcript for colleges?

  • Private schools or other schools requesting a counselor recommendation letter, school report (SR) and/or other supplemental forms: Order a transcript when you begin the application process.
  • California State University (CSU) or a University of California (UC) school: Wait until the college requests a transcript. Use an unofficial transcript to assist you with completing the academic section of the application.
  • For Scholarships, Athletics, Personal or Other: In Naviance, click on the words “Request transcripts for scholarships and athletics”
    • Indicate the reason, due date, address and include any other additional notes you deem necessary.
    • Bring a pre-addressed, stamped envelope to the Registrar.

SRHS Alumni

Request in person or in writing. Cost is $3. By mail:

Scripps Ranch High
10410 Treena St.
San Diego, CA 92131
Attn: Records Office

Include your year of graduation, the name you were registered under, whether the transcript is official or unofficial, and where they would like it mailed.  We do not accept telephone requests. Be sure to include the $3 fee and a copy of your photo ID. Contact the registrar for more details.