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Student Drop-off and Traffic

Scripps Ranch High SchoolThe drop-off area in the area of Scripps Ranch Boulevard and Meanley Street is extremely hazardous. We have received reports from community members that students are dropped off from cars in the southbound turn lane onto Meanly and in the middle of the Scripps Ranch Boulevard even though the light is green. Please do not park in our surrounding business parking lots, we have received complaints from individuals in the business park on Meanley Street that cars park illegally both before and after school as parents drop off students or pick them up.

Our official drop off area is on the southern side of Scripps Lake Drive just east of Treena Street. Parents should not drive up Treena Streetonto the campus because of the flow of student drivers and school buses into the parking lot and pedestrians walking onto campus. Perhaps parents of younger students are used to dropping their students immediately in front of school, however most high school students can walk the block up to the campus from the drop off point on Treena Street. If there is a medical issue that prevents your student from walking up the hill, please notify our school nurse with a doctor’s note and other arrangements will be made. Traffic around the school from 7:15-7:30 a.m. or 2- 2:35 p.m. can be congested. If you must travel near the campus at those times, please drive with awareness and caution.

When dropping off students, please do so only in designated areas. A student exiting a car from any traffic lane is extremely dangerous. Making u-turns in the middle of streets invites disaster. No one wants an injury to a student or to anyone to be the impetus for community awareness of what should be common sense about driving.

We no longer have a school police officer to observe traffic in our school area. The San Diego Police Department does have the authority to issue tickets to those who violate the law. Please drive carefully around our school.

Student Parking

SRHS has approximately 550 spaces available for students; parking in lots with a valid permit is on a first-come, first-served basis. A parking permit is $20 for the school year and purchase of a parking permit doesn't guarantee an available space. Students are to park only in areas assigned for student parking and will be required to have a valid parking permit displayed in the front window.

Students who park in assigned staff or visitor spaces may be cited.

The school does not assume responsibility for vehicles parked on campus. Parking applications may be picked up in the Attendance Office. Student parking permits are on sale at "Kick-Off" and after school begins.