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Seniors Only

If you are interested in being a graduation speaker, name-reader or singer, please see the information below. You must be in good standing: academics, citizenship, and attendance.


National Anthem                                                                   

Auditions will be held on April 26 during lunch in the Theatre. If you have a conflict with that date you must see Ms. Morrill or Ms. McDonald prior to April 24.    Please be sure you have the lyrics memorized!



Graduation speeches are due by April 16 at 2:00 p.m. to Mrs. Kish, Counseling Secretary. *NOTE: The presentation date has been changed below from 4/19 to 4/22.

Upon submission of your speech, you must sign-up for a time to present on April 22.

April 22: You will present your speech to the best of your ability (know your speech). If you get a “call-back”, you will be asked to present your speech again on April 25.


Speech Guidelines                                                                 

Maximum time is 2 minutes 30 seconds. Content: Be sure to speak to your entire class and to include them. Avoid personalizing and naming specific people including staff.   



If you would like to audition for name-reading at graduation, please sign-up in counseling by April 22. Auditions will be held during lunch on April 23 in the counseling office. You must be on the list to audition! No sign-up times are necessary. Come to the counseling office at the beginning of lunch on 4/23 and you may audition (as long as you are on the original list by April 22)!