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PSAT 10 - Class of 2021


On Monday April 8, 2019 ALL students who are Class of 2021 will be taking the PSAT 10. Students will report to their testing room at the beginning of 1st period.   The test is approximately 3 hours.  Students stay in their testing seat until all testing materials are collected.  Students will then leave the testing room at the same time. 


Students whose last name begin with the letters A – R will report to the Gym to test.


Students whose last name begin with the letters S – Sn will report to the B8 to test.


Students whose last name begin with the letters So – To  will report to the B9 to test.


Students whose last name begin with the letters Tran – Z will report to the Library to test.



What to Bring on Test Day:

·       2 No. 2 pencil with soft erasers; no pens or mechanical pencils.

·       Acceptable calculator (for the Math Test Calculator portion of the test only.)

·       Student ID, or other photo Identification with student name.

·       Students may bring a watch that has NO audible alarm or communications/recording capabilities.

·       Snacks and drinks (which must be store under the student’s desk during testing in a clear bag).

·       For any student who uses an epinephrine auto injector (e.g. EpiPen), a clear bag for storing it under their desk during testing.

·       Extra batteries and a back-up calculator.



What NOT to bring on Test Day:


·       Electronic equipment including phones of any kind; personal computing devices (laptops, notebooks, Bluetooth devices, or tablets); cameras; timers; audio players/recorders; wearable technology/ digital watches, including smartwatches, that can be used to record, transmit, or receive information; or any other prohibited devices.


·       Highlighters, rulers, earplugs, dictionaries or other books, pens or colored pencils, pamphlets and papers of any kind, including scratch paper.