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Parent Message 6-21-20

Parent Message 6-21-20


Dear Falcon Families,


On Tuesday, June 16th, the school board approved the plan for the 2020-21 school year. The plan includes 2 options for students: (1) On-site learning and (2) online learning with voluntary on-site learning options. Students/families can choose which option is best for them. You can click this (Link) to view the board meeting presentation (starts at 1:11:41) and review the presentation by clicking this (Link). I will outline the details below. As a forewarning, the approved plan is general in nature and does not include all details of implementation at this time. I will specify what I know and point out the details that are still forthcoming.


In case you missed it, this past Thursday, June 18th, a survey was sent to families from the central office regarding the 2020-21 school year. Click this (Link) if you have not taken the survey yet. The due date for the survey is Thursday, June 25th.



The on-site learning option consists of daily, in person instruction 5 days per week similar to traditional school.

Safety for On-Site Learning

•Hand washing stations, hand sanitizing and prevention of shared equipment among students will be implemented. 

•PPE equipment will be provided to staff.

•Daily disinfection of areas used by students and staff will occur. The focus will be on high-touch and horizontal surfaces. Disinfection between uses by multiple groups will also occur along with maximized ventilation to promote outdoor air circulation.

•All staff and students will be screened and have their temperature taken daily when entering campus. Sites are being provided with touchless thermometers. 

•Appropriate physical distancing will be implemented during arrival and departure, lunch and passing period.

•Students/staff will stay 6 feet apart unless there is a barrier which will enable closer proximity to one another.

What will the daily schedule look like?

At this time, we do not know what the schedule will look like. Other district models are showing possible A/B schedules, staggered start times, staggered lunches, and other options in order to limit a large volume of students on campus. Those details for SDUSD are still forthcoming.

In high school, the class size limit is 36. Will there now be a lower class size limit?

Over the summer, school leaders and other staff will evaluate classrooms to see if clutter can be removed, furniture could be swapped out, or barriers can be installed. Moving clutter, re-arranging furniture and installment of barriers may enable a good number of students to fit inside of a classroom while following the recommended safety guidelines. Class sizes are TBD.



Online learning will be 4 days a week live/virtual instruction. 1 day a week will be for students to solidify their learning. Students who select this option can elect to go campus for pre-planned or pre-approved on-site learning experiences. More details will be forthcoming about what these pre-approved on-site learning experiences will look like. The district is currently looking at online programs/curriculum we already have to use as models such as the district’s college approved online curriculum Edgenuity. Online instruction will be greatly improved from what was experienced during the Distance Learning phase of last school year.


Questions – Answers are TBD

These are questions that have come up during meetings or conversations since the board meeting on Tuesday. At this time, I do not have the necessary details to answer these questions. I will answer them ASAP.

•What teachers will be implementing instruction on-site and what teachers will be implementing online instruction? How will these decisions be made?

•Will teachers be required to be on-site even if they are implementing online instruction?

•How do parents sign their children up for one learning option or the other?

•Can a student elect to take 1-2 classes on-site and the remaining classes online?

•Will students who sign up for on-site learning attend school 5 days a week for a full 6.5 hours per day?

•Is there a deadline of when students can switch their choice of online or on-site learning? Can students try one option for a few weeks then switch to another?

•Will students go class to class as normal or will they stay in 1-2 classrooms all day?

•What staff will be implementing the daily temperature checks?

•Will students be required to wear a mask during on-site learning?


Once I learn more information, I would like to hold a virtual parent forum to answer questions and note concerns. I will notify you of the date and time once I get a chance to learn more specific details regarding implementation of the 2020-21 school year. The district will also be forming parent input sessions. I will send out that information once I receive it.




Matt Lawson, Ed.D

Interim Principal

Scripps Ranch High School