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Parent Message 4-27-2020

Parent Message 4-27-20




Dear Falcon Families,




We are excited to welcome students to their first official week of Distance Learning. Over the past several weeks teachers have put in a lot of work to be prepared for today. We hope our students will be pleased with the result of our efforts. I have a lot of information to share today so I apologize for the long email. I wanted to include all information I believed was relevant to ensure you are fully informed as we begin week 1 of Distance Learning. I have included a “follow up” section at the bottom to summarize important information needing action on you or your child’s part. Here are the latest updates as of 4-27-20.




Weekly Schedule


Please click this (Link) to see our weekly schedule for Distance Learning. As a reminder, due to the unique family situations of both our students and teachers, live lessons may not always occur during these scheduled times and not all students will be able to attend each live lesson. Additionally, live lessons may still take place during flex time or outside of these hours on occasion. The purpose of this schedule is to provide some structure so live lessons are conflicting as little as possible while also maintaining some flexibility to account for what families are enduring during this time. Teachers will do their best to follow this schedule as consistently as possible.




Teacher Educational Platforms and Communication


During this time we know it can be somewhat overwhelming keeping up with Distance Learning when students have 6 different teachers communicating and using various educational platforms to deliver instruction. To help with organization, we have put together a one-page chart which shows the educational platforms teachers will be using, how they will be communicating with students, and if they will be delivering synchronous instruction. Please click this (Link) to see the one-page chart. This chart will also be posted on the main page of our Scripps Ranch High School website.




Student Participation


During the week of April 13th, we had over 96% of our students participate in some form during Distance Learning. Our staff want to thank all of our families for their incredible support and encouragement in order to achieve this high of a participation number. We hope to get participation up to 100% this week. Teachers will now be tracking student participation through PowerSchool each week. Every Friday, teachers will note who did and did not participate during the week. Those students who did not participate in any form will be marked as “A” for absent. This “A” can be seen by students and parents by logging into the Parent Portal. A blank mark means the students participated in that teacher’s class in some form during the week. The criteria for participating includes:


Participating in a live class


Participating in a virtual discussion or chat


Assignment submission


Posting of comments on discussion boards


Logging into a teacher’s virtual classroom


Attending an online meeting


Emailing the teacher


Other forms of participation in distance learning activities


assigned for the day and/or any other trackable formats


that the teacher uses.




Parent Portal Help


If you need help with your Parent Portal, please click this (Link) to access the Parent Portal IT Support website. It is now live.




Technical and Internet support for Families


Families are encouraged to visit the district Technology Support for Families website for technical support resources including basic Chromebook troubleshooting, how-to login videos, and FAQs. Click this (Link) to access the website. 


The family support phone lines include a Distance Learning Family Support Number:




Phone Number

Services Offered



Press Option 1


Help for families navigating Internet Options 

(Cox, Spectrum, ATT, Request for Hotspots, etc.)

7:30am-3:30pm Mon-Fri




Dedicated technical support for families during Distance Learning

6:00am-7:00pm Mon-Fri

9:00am-1:00pm Sat




Grading Information


In alignment with CDE and County guidelines, SDUSD has implemented a “do no harm” grading policy during distance learning that seeks to uphold the grades that were given prior to the school closure and offer opportunities to improve the grade throughout the remainder of the school year. Students who have an “A,” “B,” “C” or “D” during distance learning can be issued that letter grade as their final semester grade. 




Students who had an “F” prior to the school closure and did not improve their grade during distance learning should be issued an “NG.” An “NG” grade is not factored into the student’s GPA and does not award credits. Students who receive an “NG” will have an opportunity to make up those credits in summer school or the following school year.




Students who earn a “D” or “F” due to limited access or non-participation in Distance Learning can be issued an “IP” at the teacher’s discretion. An “IP” can be issued when a student agrees to submit assignments within the first 12 weeks of the following grading term after the end of the school closure to improve their grade. Teachers will need to coordinate with the student and site administration to determine when the student will complete the required work, either during Summer School or in the Fall. A grade change form will need to be submitted by the teacher of record once the student has completed the assignments to improve their grade.




Teachers will have until May 1st to clean up their gradebooks and enter grades for any work that was due on or before the school closure on March 13th. On May 5th, the frozen grade will show under the P4 reporting term in PowerSchool. This is the frozen grade that will represent the grade students had prior to the school closure, thus they cannot obtain a grade lower than this during Distance Learning. Beginning May 5th, teachers can enter new grade information in PowerSchool of assignments and work due from April 27th until the remainder of the school year. Grades can fluctuate during Distance Learning as recorded in PowerSchool, however, due to SDUSD’s “do no harm” grading policy, the final semester grade cannot be lower than the frozen grade recorded in the P4 grading period.




Class of 2020


As of today, there are no new updates on the graduation ceremony, however, there are a few important messages for our class of 2020:


Diploma Accuracy: Parents of the class of 2020, please click this (Link) to see an important message from our registrar, Solange Sachs. We would like all class of 2020 families to fill out this survey to ensure your student’s name printed on the diploma is accurate.


Graduation Input Survey for Seniors: A student led workgroup is forming a proposal addressing alternative options for the class of 2020 senior activities and graduation that will be presented to the SDUSD Superintendent and Board of Education on May 1st.

Please click this (Link) to complete the survey and provide your input.   


Message from Counseling: Parents of the class of 2020, please click on this (Link) for important information from your SRHS counselors.


Graduation Speech and National Anthem Try-out Information: We have extended the date for graduation speech submissions to Sunday, May 3. If interested, you must email Leslie McDonald at lmcdonald@sandi.net by May 3 at 3:00 p.m. with your speech. Remember, speeches should not be longer than two and a half minutes in duration. When you submit your speech, you will receive a confirmation email that it was received.


We will schedule a meeting with you on May 5 or 6 and you will have the opportunity to present your speech. Up to two speakers will be selected to present their speech at the 2020 graduation ceremony. At this time, we do not know what the ceremony will look like, but we do know that there will be a commencement at some point.


Any student who wishes to try-out for the National Anthem for the graduation ceremony must email Leslie McDonald by May 1 indicating their interest. Auditions will be on Sunday, May 3. We look forward to hearing from you.




SRHS Foundation offers numerous College Resources for students and their families:


The College Network links SRHS alumni with current students to share their college experience.   If your student wants to talk to a current student at a college they are considering, or if you are an alumni that would like to help,  please check out the College Network: https://srhsfoundation.org/college-network


The College Corner VLOG is a virtual College Fair!  Check out the over 30 colleges that have provided 2-minute videos from our local Southern California Representatives. They are located in the video and playlist sections.   The Virtual College Fair is updated almost everyday so please check back to see the latest videos!


Please check out the College Corner for updates regarding Virtual Open Houses, Financial Aid Information and Resources to help Navigate the College Search through COVID-19.The College Corner and College Corner VLOG are available at: https://srhsfoundation.org/college-corner


Mental Health Resources


During this extremely stressful time, we want to make sure students have access to resources that will support their mental well-being. Please click this (Link) for mental health resources published by the California Department of Education.




2020 Best High School


Because of the hard work of our students, families, and staff, I am happy to announce Scripps Ranch High is a 2020 Best High School, based on rankings that U.S. News & World Report published this week. Click this (Link) to view the school’s updated U.S. News profile page, with its new National, metro-area, and school-district rankings.




A #FalconHello


To welcome students to their first official week of Distance Learning, SRHS staff would like to share this video saying hello and spreading words of encouragement. Click this (Link) to check out the video.




Follow Up


Parents of the class of 2020, by Tuesday, April 28th please click this (Link) to verify the name on your child’s diploma is accurate.


Any student interested in giving a speech at graduation, you must email Leslie McDonald at lmcdonald@sandi.net by May 3 at 3:00 p.m. with your speech.


Any student who wishes to try-out for the National Anthem for the graduation ceremony must email Leslie McDonald by May 1 indicating their interest. Auditions will be on Sunday, May 3.


Senior students, please click this (Link) to complete the survey and provide your input for the Class of 2020 Graduation and Senior Activities






That is all the information I have for today. Thank you again for your support and encouragement during our transition into Distance Learning. We hope you all are continuing to stay positive and healthy as we brave this crisis together as a community. Have a great week!








Matt Lawson, Ed.D


Interim Principal


Scripps Ranch High School