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A Message to SRHS Parents 4/6/2020

Parent Message 4-6-20


Dear Falcon Families,


Today is day 1 of our soft launch into Distance Learning. I’m sure there are many questions as we open up today with this new endeavor. With this email, I am hopeful I can inform you of as many details as I am aware of to help make this transition a little smoother. On April 3rd, Superintendent Marten sent this message (link) detailing the process for picking up technology for those families that indicated they needed it. For Scripps Ranch High Students needing to pick up technology, the pickup date is April 21st from 12:30pm – 4pm at Scripps Ranch High School. The pickup schedule was made to ensure there will be a safe number of people at the school site. Please come to pick up your equipment only on the assigned day and time. Yesterday, April 5th, Superintendent Marten sent families this message (link) providing further information on our Distance Learning Plan. In addition to these items provided in Superintendent Marten’s message, I’d like to share some additional details that will be helpful:


What will this soft launch period from April 6th to April 24th look like?

There are 2 priorities during this soft launch period. The first priority is to ensure all students have access to the technology they need. The second priority is to ensure teachers receive training so they are ready to provide Distance Learning instruction starting on April 27th. In addition to technology distribution and teacher training, teachers will also begin to reach out to students using their websites, direct email, or school messenger and begin to post further instructional activities. To access teachers’ websites, please click on the “staff directory” tab on the SRHS website. At this time teachers are at different levels of technological proficiency. Because of this, Distance Learning will look different from class to class. Some classes will hold live Zoom meetings at various times, others will use Google Classroom to post assignments or pre-recorded lessons, some will post discussion boards and others will use a learning platform called Canvas. During this time teachers will take risks and try different things to see what works best for them and their students. All assignments during this time are for enrichment purposes and will not be graded. The structure and times that teachers hold meetings or post assignments will fluctuate as they receive training and establish routines with their own families. Students and parents should check their emails regularly for communication. Teachers will do their best to provide assignments that can be accessed at any time to accommodate students’ individual home situations. Students and families can also access the district curriculum by using this (link) for further enrichment. As we progress closer to April 27th I will send out details explaining what the school day will look like as Distance Learning becomes fully implemented.


Weekly Schedule

During the soft launch period we will be collaborating with stakeholders to determine a weekly schedule that works best for our staff, students and community. Due to this unique situation, all families are juggling many priorities that are both work and personal. We want to be mindful of this while also understanding students would benefit from some structure. There are 2 types of digital learning: synchronous and asynchronous. Synchronous digital learning is where communication happens in real time between teacher and students. An example of this would be a live Zoom lesson. Asynchronous digital learning is where students can access instruction to learn at different times. An example of this learning would be students watching a pre-recorded lesson similar to what you would see on the Khan Academy website. At SRHS, Distance learning will have both of these components. We want to set up a schedule to limit conflicting synchronous digital learning so students can access live lessons without having them conflict from class to class. We have been given guidelines to develop a 240-minute day where synchronous learning would not exceed 120-minutes per teacher and the remaining time would be deemed “flex time.” As we talk with stakeholders and develop this schedule, I will send out further details.



A return to formal grading and instruction will take place on April 27th. Many details are still being developed so I will share out a more plentiful description at a later date. What I do know is we are implementing a harmless grading approach. What this means is work completed during Distance Learning can only improve students’ grades. I understand this item may cause even more questions or concerns to arise. When I receive further details about the grading policy I will do my best to address those questions or concerns.


Senior Activities

At this time, I have no further information about senior activities. I will be sure to share those details as I receive them.



For all students taking AP classes, please click this (link) for an important message detailing the latest AP updates.


Virtual College Fair

A big thank you to the SRHS Foundation for launching the College Corner VLOG, a virtual College Fair!  Check out the 10 colleges that have provided 2-minute videos. They are located in the video and playlist sections.   We will be uploading more videos as we get them.  Please check out the College Corner for updates regarding UC Virtual Open Houses, Financial Aid Information and Resources to help Navigate the College Search through COVID-19. Both of these resources are available at: https://srhsfoundation.org/college-series


That is all the information I have for now. I hope that each and everyone one of you are staying safe and healthy. I will continue to reach out to provide more information as I receive it. Please also monitor the latest updates using the link https://sites.google.com/sandi.net/covid19 or the SDUSD Twitter account @sdschools.




Matt Lawson, Ed.D

Interim Principal

Scripps Ranch High School