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Every Day Counts!

Scripps Ranch High has one of the highest average daily attendance of all comprehensive high schools in the San Diego Unified School District. We are very proud of this accomplishment and really appreciate the support from parents to have students attend school every day.

Please read the attendance policy in the Student Handbook. Reporting your student's absence the morning of the occurrence keeps you from being interrupted later in the day and keeps your student from being called out of the class to help the Attendance Office staff account for the absence. Every period of absence must be accounted for. Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Good attendance is a top priority during the entire school year because when students are attending school daily, more learning and better grades can be achieved.

Reporting Absences

Please call the Scripps Ranch High School Attendance Office at (858) 621-9020 as early as possible to verify a student’s absence.

When calling in an absence for your student, please give specific information regarding the absence or tardy. The following information is helpful when reporting an absence or late arrival: Name, birthdate, date of absence or tardy, specific reason for the absence or late arrival, and the relationship to student.

You may leave a message at any time.

Blue Slips 

Blue slips are required for early departures and must be requested by 9:30 a.m. daily; requests received after that time will require a Vice Principal’s approval.

Parents are urged to make all medical and dental appointments after school. If an appointment must be made during school hours, the parent should call the Attendance Office before 9:30 a.m. of that day for a Blue Slip. Calls received after 9:30 a.m. will require Vice Principal approval. Students need to obtain a Blue Slip from the Attendance Office, in order to leave campus during the school day. Blue Slips will not be delivered to students. Students need to pick up Blue Slips before school, during passing period or at lunch. Students are required to sign out in the Attendance Office prior to leaving campus and sign in when they return.

Attendance Policy

Excused Absences

  • Illness (Absences due to illness for three or more consecutive days require a note from your doctor to be excused.)
  • Medical or dental appointments.
  • Death in the family.
  • Court appointments
  • College visits
  • Extreme family emergency. Please be specific. Absences do not earn state funding and need to be discussed with attendance staff.

Unexcused Absences

  • Transportation problems.
  • Oversleeping.
  • Family activities out of town (vacations or trips).
  • Personal matters

Attendance Codes

  • A = Unverified Absence
  • B = Bus did not pick-up student
  • C = Contract Independent Study (CIS)
  • D = Detained
  • E = Excused
  • F = Field Trip
  • G = No Credit Earned
  • I = Illness
  • K = Saturday School (make-up)
  • L = Late or leave early (excused)
  • M = Bereavement
  • N = In-school Suspension
  • R = Religious Holiday
  • S = Suspended
  • T = Late/Tardy (0-30 minutes late or leave early, unexcused)
  • Z = Truant

Absence verification should be made by parent via telephone, e-mail, or note.


Students Arriving late to school are required to check-in at the Attendance Office.  Parents must call the office to excuse tardies.  Consequesnces for unexcused tardies will be assigned through our normal attendance procedures, including Senior Review/Senior Appeal Panel for 12th grade students.

  • First Tardy:  Teacher counsels student
  • Second Tardy:  Parent may be contacted
  • Third Tardy:  Lower citizenship in course
  • Forth Tardy:  Earns Citizenship grade no higher than "N"
  • Fifth Tardy:  Earns Citizenship grade of "U" and student will be referred to Vice Principal for Saturday School


Any unauthorized absence (including partial-class absence) is a truancy. After five days, any unverified absence (code A) becomes an unexcused absence (code U). Students with excessive unverified or unexcused absences (five or more per semester) will be assigned to Saturday School. Students who are truant are not entitled to make-up classwork.

  • First truancy (confirmed by Attendance Office): Home contact Saturday School Student discipline file updated.
  • Second truancy: Home contact Saturday School Student discipline file updated.
  • Third truancy: Home contact Saturday School Student discipline file updated.
  • Fourth truancy and beyond: Written referral to vice principal

Home contact by vice principal and requires parent/student conference to review discipline policy for defiance of school/state rules, documents Student discipline file updated Consequences will increase

Please note: Students who miss Saturday School assignments may lose extracurricular participation privileges and or will receive further disciplining consequences.

Questions and Answers

What is the procedure for excusing absences? Parents should call the school the day of the absence. It is helpful if you call early in the day.

How does student arrange to leave campus for personal or emergency reasons? The parent needs to call the Attendance Office between 7 and 9:30 a.m. A Blue Slip will be prepared, which the student must pick up before they leave the school campus. For emergency appointments, please call the Attendance Office immediately. Students leaving campus without a Blue Slip will be declared truant. Students should contact the Nurse, Attendance Office, or a Vice Principal if an emergency occurs.

How do I prearrange absences? At least ten days in advance, student must have parent or guardian contact Attendance Office to obtain forms to be signed by teachers before the absence occurs. Students are encouraged to request a Contract for Independent Study for absences of five or more days. For absences in duration of less than five days, please contact individual teachers for assignments. Please call the Attendance Office to record the absence.

What if a student moves over the summer or during the school year? The parent/guardian must contact the Attendance Office and provide updated information.