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Click HERE to access the Scripps Ranch High School ASB website. On the site you can find important information regarding the ASB course, ASB events, clubs, fundraisers, upcoming events etc. Our goal is to make a positive difference to high school life for SRHS students. We hope that our hard work and dedication will make your journey at SRHS a memorable one.



ASB Cabinet
The ASB Cabinet is made up of the following elected officers: ASB President, Vice President, Commissioners of Finance, Clubs/Organizations, Elections, Publicity, Race/Human Relations, Community Outreach, Spirit/Activities, Athletics, Academics,  Environment and Historian/Technology Coordinator.

Appointed positions are: Secretary and Freshman Class Officers (President, Vice President, and Secretary). Additional appointed positions may be available as determined by the ASB Advisor.

Each sophomore, junior, and senior class elects a President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer. 

Students who hold these offices are charged by the ASB constitution with the disbursement of student body funds, preliminary scheduling of student functions, approving constitutions of clubs and organizations, and general responsibility for student government.

ASB Cards
Students are encouraged to purchase an ASB card to support school activities and receive special discounts when purchasing tickets to dances, athletic events, and other school activities.  It is strongly recommended that students participating in extracurricular activities support the ASB by purchasing an ASB card since ASB funds help support many of these activities.  ASB cards are on sale in the school Finance Office.

ASB Election Materials
ASB election posters and materials must be appropriate for school and must be approved and initialed by the ASB Advisor before posting.

ASB Officers & Commissioners

ASB Officers
     Vice President

Appointed Position* 
     * Secretary

    Race/Human Relations
    Community Outreach
    Historian/Technology Coordinator

*The ASB Advisor will determine additional appointed positions.

Class Officers
Sophomore, Junior and Senior classes each elect a class President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer.

Bi-monthly ASB Senate meetings (October through May) are held to ensure that students are informed about what is occurring at SRHS.  The SRHS ASB Student Senate serves as a vehicle of communication for students, staff and administration.  Each CORE class elects and sends a representative to the Senate meetings.  Senate representatives report back to their CORE class on decisions and announcements.