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This plan represents a school’s core approach to raising student achievement and narrowing achievement gaps. It includes the school’s goals, as well as its major strategies for meeting those goals. Please note that this plan represents the instructional core of the school’s planning for the year and is not intended to include all the specific details needed for implementation.

This document is meant to function as a road map for schools as they work to improve student outcomes, and it is expected that the strategies described in the plan will be adjusted along the way in order to meet those desired outcomes.

The San Diego Unified School District’s overarching goal is to improve student achievement and close all existing achievement gaps by providing an engaging, rigorous, standards-based instructional program coupled with strategic supports for ALL students. Specific SMART goals are being determined by the Superintendent and the Board of Education.

DISTRICT (LEA) GOALS: Each student will achieve appropriate gains each year and be prepared for the next academic level.

SMART Goal 1: By the year 2013, 70 percent of SDUSD students will meet or exceed grade-level standards in English/Language Arts

SMART Goal 2: By the year 2013, 72 percent of SDUSD students will meet or exceed grade-level standards in mathematics.

Essential Program Component (EPCs): Support academic student achievement in English/ reading/ Language Arts and Mathematics designed to meet the needs of all students through State Board of Education (SBE) adopted and standards aligned instructional materials.