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Dear SDSCPA Alumni:

As the current principal of the San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts, I am inspired by how SDSCPA has nurtured our love and passion for the arts and each other. I have learned so much about our schools past--challenges, successes, and dreams. Our creating and telling of the SDSCPA story has only begun and we have so much more to learn from each other. Next summer we begin to celebrate 40 Years of transforming lives through public arts education. And we want you to be a part of it!

You are invited to begin preparing for a love filled celebration by joining us on October 28th, 2017 in the Florence Johnson Theatre at 1pm to resurrect the SCPA Senior Song written by SCPA alum Patrick Henry. This song will become a uniting thread of our past and future SCPA students throughout the 40th Anniversary Celebration and years to come. Mrs. McKinney is excited to reconnect with you and has requested as many of our Choral Ensemble members who have performed this piece to attend and help teach it to current students. We are excited for you to return to SDSCPA and resurrect the senior song with our current students for graduation ceremonies to come!

While school leaders have come and gone, the campus location, symbols, and the colors seem to be always changing, one thing remains the same; a strong SCPA community united, by our love for the arts, and the power this love inspires in all of us to positively impact the world through sharing our stories and our humanity. SDSCPA is and will remain a transformative influence in our community because of the passionate people that have and will continue to enter its gates. We want you to come home--back to SDSCPA.

With the utmost love and respect for the commitment and dedication founding principal Florence Johnson and leadership from SCPA pillars like Ole Kittleson. I am humbled to be a part of the SCPA family and want to continue leading from a place of love and empowerment grounded in the belief that we must always protect the transformative power the arts create in our community regardless of the color of our skin, income, or gender. I welcome you back home to SCPA.


Timothy E. Farson Principal