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Many businesses including corporations sponsor employer matching gift programs. Such programs can double any charitable donation you or your spouse gives to Friends of SCPA on behalf of the school.

Q: What is an employer matching gift program?
A: An employer matching program is a set of rules and guidelines that employers establish to match an employee's contribution, donation or gift to a charitable organization. Contact your company's Human Resources department to determine if your employer (or your spouse's employer) has an employer matching gift or contribution program. Your company will have full information on matching gift eligibility and program criteria.
Q: Which employers match charitable donations?
A: Information changes and so we encourage you to check with your Human Resources department to confirm whether or not your employer matches charitable donations. Below is a list of business and corporations with matching gift programs to be used as a guide. The presence of a company's name on this list is not a guarantee that the matching policy is currently active. Click here to view list.
Q: Does Friends of SCPA qualify as a charitable organization for employer matching contribution programs?
A: The Friends of SCPA is a qualified nonprofit IRC 501(c)(3) corporation and is considered a charitable organization. Employer matching programs are designed by an employer's administration. Guidelines and rules vary among corporations and businesses. Please check with your employer's Human Resources department for instructions, guidelines and forms.
If you have any questions about Employer Matching Programs or need help completing a form, please contact the school and leave a message for Friends of SCPA. We will contact you as soon as possible.