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JUNE 4, 5, 6:

Senior finals. Students MUST pass all classes in order to graduate and walk in commencement.

JUNE 7, 8, 11, 12:

Starting the morning of June 7, all seniors will report to the Grand Theater for graduation preparations. All students eligible for walking in commencement MUST be present. These are still school days for which students are responsible to attend Students will have several very important matters that need to be handled in a short amount of time. It is essential that all students are on campus from 7:15am until 1:58pm on each of these three days.

JUNE 12:

Students will be picking up their cap and gown as well as tickets for commencement. The gowns will arrive folded in a plastic bag. Please be sure to have students take them out and hang them on a hanger to allow for the creases or wrinkles to relax. An easy way to steam out the wrinkles is to hang the gown on the back of the bathroom door while showering. If touch-ups are needed, a steamer may be available on the morning of graduation. THE GOWNS ARE WHITE, EASILY STAINED, AND WE DO NOT HAVE REPLACEMENTS. Please keep them as clean as possible. Students who purchased their caps will be allowed to decorate them. All decorations must be 2D and 2D only. Nothing may extend above the top or hang below the edge of the mortarboard.

Each graduating senior will receive eleven (11) tickets. Students who need more than the provided amount will have an opportunity to receive extra tickets. This will be handled through an opportunity drawing that same day. Extra tickets and those returned by students not needing the provided amount will be handed out until all students have their desired amount or until all tickets have been distributed. NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO ATTEND WITHOUT A TICKET. NO STUDENT WILL BE ALLOWED MORE THAN TWENTY (20) TOTAL TICKETS. Please remember, this event is for ALL parents, family members, and friends of ALL graduating seniors. Please be respectful of other families.

Senior Awards will be on Tuesday, June 12 at 7pm in the Grand Theater. This event is open to all students and parents. Letters for students receiving awards will be sent out around May 30TH.

JUNE 13:

On the day of commencement, students are not allowed on campus until 11:30. When they arrive, they are to enter through the gates near the music rooms and go DIRECTLY to the Grand Theater. They are not to wander around or hang out outside the theater. They should arrive prepared for commencement with their caps and gowns. DO NOT BRING OTHER ITEMS (I.E. PURSES, YEARBOOKS, BACKPACKS, ETC) AS STUDENTS WILL NOT BE RETURNING TO THE THEATER AFTER THE CEREMONY.

Graduation ceremony begins promptly at 2:00pm and will last until approximately 3:30pm. Please hold any and all extras, i.e. leis, religious sashes, etc. until after the ceremony is over. Commencement is about the student’s academic work during their time at SDSCPA.