District Home


  1. Go to the EXCEED website.
  2. Log into website using district ID and password.
  3. You will see "all classes" listed on the far left  side - this will list all students you have had in your classes this year.
  4. To find Special Education students you can use the caseload list or the IEP summary sheets your receive from the special education department.
  5. Clicking on a student will give you a general summary.
  6. To access the IEP, click on "Events" -->"All Events" to view the IEP
  • Skip over the "Current and ongoing events" to get to "Ended and Locked Events" -- click the circle (3) by either "Annual IEP meeting" or Triennial Review of Eligibility" and select "view all sections"
  • This will generate a PDF creating 3 options
    • read it and close it - you will need to log in every time you want to view the IEP
    • print the whole IEP or just the pages you need
    • save the PDF to a folder you create on your computer to view easily