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Pre-order Your 2015-2016 Yearbook

The yearbook is a memory and annual of the school year.

Pre-order at the Finance Office

You can purchase your yearbook in the finance office using check or cash. Finance Office hours are 7:15-1:00.

High School:

  • Purchase the yearbook as part of a class package. Cost with the package is $70. Each class has it's own deadline for purchasing packages, so be sure to check with ASB.
  • Purchase the yearbook separately. Individual cost is $75.

Middle School:

  • Cost is $45.

Pre-order Online

Online orders for 2015-2016 are now closed. You may purchase online here using a credit card. Be sure to enter the order number below to purchase the correct yearbook.

  • For High School Yearbook, enter the order number 16419
  • For Middle School Yearbook, enter the order number 20386