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Last month we took our current work and school narrative and applied for the National Exemplary Arts Schools Award from the Arts Schools Network and…WE WON!

Yesterday, we were notified that the SDSCPA has earned this honor and we now sit among 16 other exemplary arts schools in the nation!

This honor recognizes the hard work and commitment of the SDSCPA staff and families that have invested to create sustainable art and academic programs that show exemplary pre-collegiate arts training with depth and breadth. The new UCCI courses that use the academics as a way to foster artistic passion, the revision to our arts scope and sequence, and the partial roll out of the arts assessments are major components to this achievement.

This is a great honor that recognizes our hard work and commitment to a vision that prepares all students for post-secondary study in the arts.

This is an outstanding reason to celebrate the work we do! Thank you to everyone that helps “walk the talk” each day in our classrooms and on our stage or exhibition.

Thank you for providing a learning experience that is truly worthy of a top-ranked, tuition-free public high school for the arts!

We are rocking!

Principal Farson