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The Counseling Center is staffed by individuals who care about students’ needs, who assist with educational planning, home, school and/or social concerns, career information, interpretation of test scores, or other issues students would like to discuss. Each student is assigned to a counselor at the beginning of the school year. Please see the counselor assignment information to the right. Counselors are available before school, after school and by appointment. To see a counselor, it is best to make an appointment before school, after school or during lunch.
Since the counselors respect class time, students should not ask for or be given passes to the Counseling Center unless it is for an emergency. The appointment procedure (for both students and parents) assures uninterrupted time for a conference, cuts down on classroom interruptions and prevents wasted time waiting to see a counselor.
The Counseling Center has extensive information on colleges, careers, and PSAT, ACT and SAT assessments. Students are encouraged to visit the Counseling Center to take advantage of the many available resources.
Your counselor is concerned about you as a person and wants to help you become an accountable and responsible student, to make positive choices and to receive the most from your education. Your counselor will work with you by listening, discussing and communicating. Your counselor can assist you with academic and arts related, career, and personal and social counseling.
We look forward to serving you.
Kim Abagat, Head Counselor
Hector Escalante, Counselor
Lindsey Kurtz, Counselor
Robynne Scott, Counselor


Kim Abagat
Head Counselor
Caseload: (9th-12th) - Visual Arts and Instrumental Music; (7th) Gonzalez-Z
Ext. 2240
Lindsey Kurtz
Caseload:(8th/9th-12th) - Choral Music, Creative Writing, and Interdisciplinary; (6th) A-Pineda
Ext. 2233
Robynne Scott
Caseload: (9th-12th) - Dance & Theatre; (6th) Portillo-Z, (7th) A-Gomez, Esaul
Ext. 2238
Mataya Olson
College Peer Advisor (Cal-SOAP)
Tuesday-Friday 7:30am-1:30pm
Laura Snarponis
Ext. 2239