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Dear San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts Community:

The time has come for our community—alumni, arts patrons, SDSCPA families, and staff—to come together and fully support the amazing opportunities that are presented to our students. Many of us have seen, firsthand, what a positive transformation our school has on students. And, while similar public art schools charge families $2500/ student for an after school arts curriculum and program, we are committed to securing other sustainable funding sources.

Let’s start with some facts:

  • California is ranked #41 in the nation for per pupil funding.
  • While there have been increases in per pupil funding, we are not adequately funded as a district, nor school.
  • Though we are a dedicated magnet school, we do not receive additional magnet funds earmarked for our dual curriculum in the arts and academics.
  • Similar size comprehensive high schools receive support for athletic programs. We do not receive athletic nor after school arts funding.
  • We are budgeted $112,132.00 in the Discretionary. For context, the required lease for the copy machine is $17,000.00. This leaves an estimated $68 per student in discretionary funding.
  • With a 57% Title I student population, we are allocated $257,374.00 of restricted funds to equitably serve our students. With this money, we purchase arts teachers and supplies to help support our students’ learning. This is, however, not enough adequate to support our curriculum in the arts and academics.
  • We do not have enough funds to create, nor support sustainable before and after school programs.
  • We are not adequately funded to support industry arts professionals, supplies for both art and academic programs. We have determined that more appropriate funding would amount to $840/student or $70 a month / student or $2.30/ student per day!
We have a plan!
To support our work as a tuition-free, donation dependent school for the arts, we need sustainable income to support our world class art and academic education.
We are launching a monthly giving campaign to our SDSCP community.

Over the years, I have received your feedback regarding:

  1. The lack of before school programming--especially with the new Healthy Start Time.
  2. The lack of equitable access to professional teaching artists and scholars.
  3. The lack of necessary school supplies for art and academic programming.
  4. The lack of consistent academic tutoring before and after school for all students.
  5. The lack of community outreach, marketing, and performance audiences.

Together we have dreamed that ALL SAN DIEGO SCPA STUDENTS:

  1. Have access to diverse professional artists and scholars before, during, and after the school day.
  2. Have access to academic tutoring and artistic coaching.
  3. Have access to high quality art and academic programming that enriches and supports daily instruction.
  4. Participate in a College and Conservatory Showcase day where we invite and host a colleges and conservatories for master classes, portfolio preparation, and on the spot auditions.
  5. Participate in College Fairs and Tours.
  6. Have the necessary supplies to explore, enrich, and support daily instruction.
  7. Have enriching and supportive programming for Lunch and Learn.
  8. Have increased safety and security before, during, and after school.
We have a plan!
To support our work as a tuition-free, donation dependent school for the arts, we need sustainable income to support our world class art and academic education. 
We are launching a monthly giving campaign to our SDSCP community. 

With the looming FUNDING GAP, we, as a community, need to address these funding challenges and strengthen the magnificent opportunities we provide daily to our students. We are launching our first community giving campaign:

SDSCPA Fill the GAP Campaign

All SDSCPA parents are asked to contribute to this campaign, breaking down the silos of our art majors and raising funds to meet the needs of the entire school. Fundraising events organized by Art Major and Program will only be used to support student travel. By asking our ENTIRE school community to contribute on an annual basis to the Friends of SDSCPA, our SDSCPA supporting nonprofit corporation. While this is not required, please know that many of the incredible opportunities before, during, and after school that have placed SDSCPA on the national map with industry leaders, colleges, universities, and conservatories support will not be likely, nor sustainable without donations.

This campaign will help us fully fund the cost of Visiting Artists and other critical needs within our school. Your donation will allow us to expand our guest artist program. We will be able to hire visiting guest scholars to lead academic lectures/discussions, and assist with the high academic and artistic workload faced by many of our teachers. Your annual contribution will also contribute to providing additional dollars to augment the school's budget, providing critical supplemental opportunities and services for students and faculty, and bolstering our student support fund for students in need. Your donation will support:

  • Professional Guest Teaching
  • Artists & Scholars Academic and Arts Programming
  • College & Career Readiness
  • Community Outreach & Development Capital
  • Improvements FOSCPA operational costs (not to exceed 2.5%)

Funds raised by this community campaign will support critical capital needs in the arts and academics. Examples may include cutting-edge technology in all classrooms, academic and art supplies, online resources, and textbooks. In addition, if the annual campaign is highly successful, additional staff members can be added in crucial areas of the building that are currently understaffed. This campaign will truly raise the bar for SDSCPA in a wide variety of ways, while still ensuring that department needs for our students are being met.

In the first year of this campaign, I am challenging our community to raise at least $500,000 in pledges. The Fill the Gap Campaign will run from August 30, 2019- September 27, 2019 and I am asking that 100% of our families contribute to this campaign by starting your monthly donation today. I ask that you set-up a monthly recurring gift that fits your monthly budget. This ensures that we have a planning process to confirm necessary funding is in place for the 2019-2020 school year.

A contribution of $70 per month (per student) will Fill the GAP. We realize this may not work for all SDSCPA families. We hope that if you are able to contribute more, you will consider doing so. And, ALL amounts will make an impact!

For example, you can choose to contribute:

  1. $140 per month (you have fully funded 2 students!)
  2. $70 per month (you have fully funded 1 student for a year!)
  3. $25 a month (chipping away at the GAP)
  4. Any amount (more or less) that fits within your monthly ability to contribute

All donations are 100% tax deductible. CLICK HERE to set up your Fill the Gap donation!

With education funding from the state on a steady decline, our challenge to maintain our rigorous dual curriculum becomes much more difficult. Philanthropy is essential to the success of SDSCPA students and delivering on the hope and promise of our young scholars as artists. The support of our entire community is essential to providing quality educational programs in the arts and academics that our students deserve.

START NOW. Please join us for more information on Friends of SDSCPA’s FILL THE GAP CAMPAIGN.

Tuesday, September 3 @ 6:00 p.m. in the Florence Johnson Grand Theatre

Wednesday, September 4 7:00 p.m. in the Florence Johnson Grand Theatre

In the spirit of delivering on the hope and promise of our young scholars as artists,

Timothy Farson, Principal San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts and Lorayne Sandino, FOSCPA President