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Summer Assignment 2017-2018

AP Government Brochure: Are you wondering what to expect from AP Government? Then look no further: click here.

PICK UP YOUR AP TEXTBOOK DURING SENIOR ORIENTATION OR THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!There will be a reading and vocab quiz on Chapter 1, on Tuesday 9/6 or Wednesday 9/7 (depending on whether AP is ODD or EVEN day; if it is 5th, then the quiz will be Tuesday). Reading Quizzes are open note (see the chapter study guide I have created to help you), but Vocab Quizzes are not open note (obviously). You do not have to use my study guides to take notes, but please read them for the directions you MUST follow to use notes on the reading quizzes.


1. Please complete the survey prior to the beginning of the school year in August. Thank you and I can't wait to meet you!


There are two summer assignments, a handwritten outline of the US Constitution and an essay. Both assignments are due the first day of school 8/28/17, however, the handwritten outline will be submit in class, but the essay needs to be submitted to Google Classroom. To join the AP US GOPO classroom use code 4l93x94.


2. It is essential in the AP US Government and Politics course to understand the foundation of our system of government, the US Constitution. Thus, your assignment is to create a personalized annotated outline of the entire US Constitution (preamble, article, and amendments).
  • Read and comprehend the entire US Constitution.
  • Creat a hand-written annotated outline of the entire US Constitution (see example below for how to begin)
    • Annotate so you understand what each component of the Constitution means in modern day terms (1), what changes ahve been made over time (2), and how the Constitution is applied today (3). If your outline is done correctly, you will not only have answered these three previously stated questions, but also the following:
      • What does each part, section, clause and amendment say/mean?
      • How does each part, section, clause and amendment apply to society and the workings of the US Government?
        • What can/cannot the government do?
        • What can/cannot a citizen do?
    • Annotations should be in your own words and voice, not the voice of the Framers (or any expert or “expert” found through Google—it is vital to make sense of the text through your own perspective and understanding.
Note: There will be an exam on the entire Constitution the second day of class.You may ONLY use the handwritten outline that you created on the exam. This exam is also modeled after the AP Government exam (60 MC and 2 Free ResponseQuestions. There will be four on the exam, but a block period only provides uswith time for two. You have 45 minutes for the MC and 25 minutes for each FRQ).


I. Preamble—the first section of the Constitution; outline the goals/purposesfor establishing the government; declares that the government’s power comesfrom the people; the US Government through its policies and laws should alwaysbe trying to create a more: just, peaceful, strongly defended society where the people do not want for basic needs and are ensured their individuals freedoms/rights.

II. Articles--explain what their purpose is (in your own words)

A. Article I: Legislative Branch--what is it? (in own words)
i. Section 1: Congress—explain what it is, what function this section providesand how it impacts people’s rights and/or the function of government (in ownwords)
ii. Section 2: House of Representatives-- explain what it is, what function thissection provides and how it impacts people’s rights and/or the function ofgovernment (in own words)
a. Clause/Sub Section 1: Elections-- explain what it is, what function this section provides and how it impacts people’s rights and/or the function ofgovernment (in own words)

b.Clause/Sub Section 2: Qualification-- explain what it is, whatfunction this section provides and how it impacts people’s rights and/or the function of government (in own words)

Etc. through the very last amendment


3. Research the 6 principles of Government (popular sovereignty, federalism, separation of powers, checks and balances, judicial review and limited government). Using your reasearch and your annotated Constitution, write a 2-3 page typed (with a Works Cited Page), MLA format essay for only ONE of the following prompts. The essay will be due the first day of school
  • Select one basic principle and describe its relationship to three specific parts of the Preamble. Explain how that basic principle allows the Constitution to acheive the three parts you selected from the Preamble.
  • Explain how at least two basic principles are directly connected to the creation of the 3 branches of Government. Make sure to be clear on how they connect.
  • List and explain one way that each principle has a direct impact on your daily life.
  • Which guiding principle of the Constitution do you think was the most important and has the greatest impact on Americans today? Give at least two supporting arguments.

You will have an AP Mock exam (60 MC in 45 minutes and 2 FRQ questions in 50 minutes) on the US Constitution on the first AP block period of the first week of school.