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AP Scholarship Support from the SDSCPA


GC JOIN CODE: gmeooc (all lower case)

The Friends of SCPA and the Advanced Placement staff are pleased to offer this scholarship to financially assist students with AP examination fees, 2016-2017.


All AP students are eligible. The number of scholarships is not yet available, but after the FoSCPA meeting February 28, 2017, we will know more. Likely, scholarships will be available for a range of students who are required to pay the full exam fee ($ 93.00) or for those students who are required to pay the reduced fee of $5.00.


Please compose an essay (typed, formatted and not to exceed one page) responding to the statements below. The essay must demonstrate clarity, strong reflective thinking, and conciseness, with no spelling or grammatical errors of any kind:

a) Describe how your current and previous AP course(s) have enhanced your learning and contribute to your future plans

b) Explain your plans for your postsecondary education, including arts and academics

c) Explain how the exam(s) will benefit your future plans


By midnight on Friday, March 10, 2017, onto Google Classroom using join code: gmeooc (all lower case letters).

The point of contact is Mrs. Ward under AP Scholarship Request. All submissions preferably via Google Classroom. In the event you have technical difficulties submitting into Google Classroom, please email, mmeyer-ward@sandi.net