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Michael Garcia

We believe that theatre is essential and vital to society in its many forms. Therefore as a department we instill the passion, teach the skills, the discipline, the craft, and the communication required to have a full comprehensive understanding of the art of theatre. We also believe that all the skills learned can be applied into every other field of study or career.


The SDSCPA department of theatre holds it a moral imperative to see that all students are offered the sequential training necessary to be audition ready and portfolio ready for post-secondary success in our program disciplines of acting, musical theatre, or technical theatre and design.





Roxanne Carrasco
B.A. University of California - San Diego
M.F.A. San Diego State University
Raymond, Sciaroni Jr.
Ext. 4901
Stephanie Steiner
Colette Thomas
B.A. San Diego State University
M.Ed. National University