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Use the following instructions to set-up your voice mail at SCPA.

1.Dial 3000 or press the voice mail key from your phone
2.Dial *
3.Dial your “virtual” mailbox numberOr Dial 7600
4.Dial temporary password 0000
5.Listen to greeting and follow the instructions.
You will be asked to perform three tasks
1.Record your name (e.g. Jane Doe)
2.Record your greeting (Hi this is Jane, I am away from my desk etc.)
3.Change your temporary password (4-digits)

Congratulations you have completed your mailbox setup!

FOR ACCESS TO VIRTUAL MAILBOX . . .You will always access your voicemail box by dialing 3000, dialing the * key and dialing your particular mailbox number or 7600 and then your personal password. NO lights will appear so remember to check it frequently!