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Hello, it is a pleasure to introduce myself as SCPA's Head Counselor and to be here to serve you, parents and students. I hail from Milwaukee, Wisconsin where I graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communications, while simultaneously working in the network television industry. After weathering many extremely cold winters in Wisconsin, I decided to moved to America's Finest City, San Diego, California.
My employment history includes working for organizations such as General Dynamics, University of Phoenix and USAirways. I later decided to return to school to study Counseling and received my Masters Degree in Counseling with a School Counseling Credential and an Educational Psychology Minor from Chapman University. I am now treading away on my Ph.D. in Psychology and am currently in A.B.D. status.
Initially after receiving my credentials, I worked for the Chula Vista Elementary School District as an Intervention Counselor, and with San Diego Regional Center as a Social Work Counselor. I later began my career with SDUSD in 2000 beginning with ALBA Community Day School, as Head Counselor at John Muir K-12 Magnet School for Global Citizenship, and as Head Counselor at Mark Twain Main High School. I arrived at SD SCPA as Head Counselor in the Fall of 2011.
I live in La Mesa, CA, with my husband of many years, Rolando and our two doggies, Cali and Lena. My children, Aja and Jayson, both products of the SDUSD, are college graduates and successful in their choice careers. In my spare time, if any, I dabble in various arts mediums including painting and clothing design, I also partake in yoga and in the sport of foil fencing.


Head Counselor
(Naviance, ACT/SAT Waivers, Work Permits)
Serving Students in: 6th grade (A-L), Jazz, Orchestra Cinematic Arts, & Photography 
Ext. 2240