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Achievement through Caring & Transformation (A.C.T.) is a program that supports the school's mission to prepare students for postsecondary pursuits in the arts and academics. The main purpose of A.C.T is to create a culture of perseverence and excellence as a Scholar, Citizen, Professional, and Artist. Each SDSCPA student is expected to

  • Receive Cs or above in all classes at the semester report card
  • Have less than 20 cumulative tardies and absences for the semester
  • Maintain a 2.5 or higher in citizenship each semester

Students in Good Standing

Students who meet these expectations are considered in good standing. A.C.T. acknowldges these students through Honor Roll, Student of the Month, Perfect Attendance, and end-of-the-year awards. Students in good standing are able to freely participate in school events, like ASB dances, pullouts, and field trips.

Students in Not Yet in Good Standing/Probation

Students who do not yet meet these expecations are placed on probation for the duration of the following semester. (For example, a student who has a D or F on the fall semester report card will be placed on Spring semester probation.) Students on probation are encouraged to return to good standing by attending tutoring at lunch or after school, clearing illness/excused absences through the finance office, attending Core Academy (Saturday School) or Study Tables to clear unexcused tardies/absences, and communicating with teachers and counselor about struggles they may be facing that are impacing their success. Students must pass an appeal before they are eligible to participate in school events, like ASB dances, pullouts, and field trips.

Determining Status

At each grading period during the semester, the school runs a report which identifies which students are meeting and not meeting the school’s academic, attendance and citizenship standards. Students who are not yet meeting the school's expectations are given an "at-risk" warning. These warnings are meant to inform students that they need to make changes to their citizenship, academic, or attendance behaviors to ensure that they are in good standing at the end of the semester. Some steps that students who are at-risk can take are as follows:

  • Attend Study Tables or individual teacher tutoring in order to raise a poor grade and possibly clear tardies.
  • Speak with the teacher about opportunities to turn in missing work, retake tests/quizzes, or redo assignments that received a poor grade
  • Attend Core Academy (Saturday school) for tutoring and to clear up to four period absences and eight tardies and to recoup ADA for illnesses.
  • Speak with teachers about period absences.
  • Parents call, send a note or email attendance office if you child is ill. You can report an absence on the home page of SCPA's website following the link "Report and Absences

At the end of the semester, a final report is run which determines good standing or probation status for the next semester. Students who are on probation will need to appeal to participate in activities (please see appeal process). Students are notified if they are on probation and given information on how to appeal. All appeal forms are located in the counseling office.

For more information, please see the Probation Status, Appeals Process, and Tips: Preparing for a Panel/RTI Appeal pages.