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School Philosophy

The Sandburg staff firmly believes all children can learn and show academic gains every year of instruction. All children benefit from a quality integrated learning experience. The amount of instructional time spent by students on their work and the extent of parent involvement can make a difference in achievement. School experiences and education do make a difference in the future lives of children. A high level of instructional quality can be maintained even in an environment of decreasing resources. Regular student attendance is vital if optimum achievement is to occur.


Course of Study

Our school's general education curriculum is based on the district's Course of Study, K-12 Opens in new window.. In addition to meeting a legal requirement, the Course of Study provides information about the district’s educational programs and approved instructional materials. It also outlines state and district requirements, district cross-curricular programs, special education programs, student assessment, and more.


School and district policies require homework and outside reading on a regular basis. Each teacher has a homework policy that meets these requirements. Your child will bring home a copy of the policy for his or her classroom during the first few weeks of school.