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Drinking While Driving          Suicide Prevention              Pet care         Anger Management       Alcohol                   Adopt-A-Pet

Smoking                    Exercising              Child Abuse             Drugs                         Nutrition                       Fighting

Stress management            Stay in School                 Fan Rage              Steroids                     Seat Belt Law

Road Rage                Car safety                    Littering                        Sportsmanship                     Child Therapy

Cell phones                   Shop Lifting          Domestic Abuse                  School Violence                   Stealing Cable

Peer Pressure                      Gambling                               Teasing              Dangerous Driving             Missing pet

Weapons in school               Profanity (cursing)               Missing children                   Helmet Safety                       Racism                    

Runaways                 Homework                    Alcoholics Anonymous                Be a Mentor

Fire Safety                 Mental Health                        Theft                   Learn to Read                       Curfew

Crossing Streets                      Fake I.D.                  Vandalism                      Street Vendors                 Volunteering                 Speed Limit

Smokey the Bear                 Selling to minors             Graffiti                                    Forgery

Stranger Alert                       Hate Crimes                          Home Alone Tips            Verbal Abuse                        Adoption                    Homeless

Rioting                Water Conservation                      Carpooling               Energy Conservation             Handicap Help

 Noise pollution         Passenger Safety              New Parent Help                 Censorship                 Animal Abuse

Parental Advisory              Talk to your parents               Talk to your Kids                  Dangers on the Internet        Boys & Girls Club of America