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Salk Institute March of Dimes High School Science Day 2017

27th Annual Salk March of Dimes High School Science Day


On Saturday 2/25/17, Ms. Whitelock, Ms. Demer and Mr. Towler took 20 students to the Salk Institute for the 27th Annual Salk March of Dimes High School Science Day.

Our day started with a welcome by Dr. Alan Saghatelian, who gave us a great overview of the history of the Salk Institute and the importance of Basic Science to the curing of disease.  We then had the opportunity to visit labs.  Each student and teacher was in a different group and visited two different labs to learn about the research being done and get some hands on experiences.

After lunch, the keynote speaker, Dr. Edward Callaway, spoke about the research that had been done by Dr. Francis Crick in the 1950’s on DNA, and how he had transitioned to brain and consciousness research until his death.  Dr. Callaway explained the research that his lab has been doing on tools to help unlock the complex interactions in the brain and how  that brain research is being used to treat diseases like Parkinson’s disease, and how it may be used as more of the complex interactions are understood.